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  1. Bigrederic

    Left Hand Sale Reduced 750.00 TS Customs KS1

    This one is killing me... I just shouldn't buy it right now.
  2. Bigrederic

    See, they cut it off

    I hate to hear they are cutting locks off gun cases. It is one of the reasons I fly armed for work travel. Carry on has a bloody SBR in it on some trips…. They don’t even touch my stuff. Then when I fly for personal travel, all the head aches begin… I hope they don’t start cutting my crap off.
  3. Bigrederic

    Left Hand Sale AI in Obsession Chassis for sale

    Wow this is tempting!!
  4. Bigrederic

    Northern Michigan new guy

    Welcome from Alaska.... Lived in Michigan for a while though.
  5. Bigrederic

    Firearms Custom 6.5 Creedmoor

    This is a deal.. My AO rifles hammer.
  6. Bigrederic

    Left Hand Sale Left handed foundation exodus for sale

    Wow this thing has allot of extras!!
  7. Bigrederic

    Precision em!!

    My LH 300NM is finally together... can't wait ti shoot this one, it is like the big brother to one of my 308s.
  8. Bigrederic

    lets see your foundation stock

    Thanks... I can't wait to shoot it. Maybe tomorrow if I don't get called in. Long action Foundations are just baddass!!
  9. Bigrederic

    lets see your foundation stock

    Well my new Norma Mag is finally together!! Matches my 308 pretty darn close.
  10. Bigrederic

    Newbie in Northern MI

    Welcome from Alaska
  11. Bigrederic

    16-18 inch shorty rifles

    It is a M24
  12. Bigrederic

    16-18 inch shorty rifles

    I am back at it again... short barrel 308, work gun. I have a Manners for it that getting a mini chassis for it, but man it looks good in this Foundation.
  13. Bigrederic

    lets see your foundation stock

    Well.... I through my work rifle build into one of my Foundations while I wait for the Manners stock to come back from getting a mini chassis installed. Man this thing is flat out gorgeous... might just leave it in the MG2
  14. Bigrederic

    Left Hand Sale 2 new actions for sale

    The Defiance should sell super fast!! They are like 15-18 months to get one right now.
  15. Bigrederic

    TBAC brake stuck in suppressor?

    We have one stuck on right now at work too...
  16. Bigrederic

    Firearms FS Bighorn TL3

    SOLD !!
  17. Bigrederic

    SOLD Nightforce ATACR 5x25

    PM Sent
  18. Bigrederic

    Firearms FS Bighorn TL3

    TL3 Bighorn, with both mag and 308 bolt faces and a action wrench, with a 6.5 PRC Bartlein Marksman contour 4 land 1/7 twist barrel chambered by DMR in Las Vegas. No muzzle device or trigger included. $1650 shipped.. I have not shot this in a few years, at the last time I shot it, I became...
  19. Bigrederic

    Optics WTT S&B PMII DT H59 5-25

    Do you have a cash price in mind for this??