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  1. SquarePizza

    Quick turn around time for a barrel removal?

    Been trying to get the current (aftermarket) barrel off of my TRG 22 and its simply laughing at me. Getting pissed and getting ready to pay to have it removed, does anyone have any recommendations for a shop that would take it off and send it back in a decent amount of time? I'm in upstate NY...
  2. SquarePizza


    I think the best way to for the front is to get a KRG spigot. That gives you a QD sling mount on the sides and rail space below to mount a standard bipod.
  3. SquarePizza

    SWFA equivalent 4x

    I believe that US Optics used to make one a long time ago.
  4. SquarePizza

    Chest Rig for short 7.62 mags

    Just curious is anyone out there has tried running a chest rig when using shorter 7.62 mags like AIAW or Sako TRG mags. I really am interested in some of the options out there like the velocity systems mayflower, but they are built for a longer M1a 20 rounder. My little TRG can't even begin to...
  5. SquarePizza

    Differences in action wrench brand?

    Looking for a TRG22 action wrench and I see that I have three options: PT&G, bugholes, and KRG Price spans a pretty big range, would there really be any difference in going with the more reasonable PT&G wrench?
  6. SquarePizza

    Should I rebore a barrel or scrap it?

    I actually considered a 7mm-08. Or even a 7BR for something odd ball to play with.
  7. SquarePizza

    Should I rebore a barrel or scrap it?

    The barrel came with an estimated 2000 rounds on it, I'm shooting it in PRS this year and planned on another 500+ on the same barrel. Its not shooting bad, but I know the end is coming. I have done the rebarrel route years ago, and I hate shipping the rifle, dealing with the down time etc, so I...
  8. SquarePizza

    Should I rebore a barrel or scrap it?

    Setting my TRG22 up with the KRG nut system and replacing the existing aftermarket 6.5CM barrel with a sotic 6.5CM. I think my current barrel is close to a heavy palma contour. By switching to the KRG barrel, I will still have the existing shouldered 6.5CM barrel and I started thinking... how...
  9. SquarePizza

    6.5 CM 123SMK at 3000fps, chrono error?

    I see zero signs in the federal brass or CCI primers of pressure. There is no difference in the brass between 37.5grains 4895 and 39.0grs. 37.5 gives me 2860fps, but has a larger extreme spread and standard deviation than the hotter 39.0 At the end of the day though, I may go with the 37.5...
  10. SquarePizza

    6.5 CM 123SMK at 3000fps, chrono error?

    I loaded up some 123gr SMKs over 39.0 grains of IMR4895 today and chrono'd them at 3019fps out of my trg 22 with a 24" barrel. Hodgdon's data states 2896fps from a max load of 39.2 grains of 4895. Could my loads really be going that fast vs the published data? Chrono is a basic competition...
  11. SquarePizza

    Linear comp/device with most dB reduction at the shooter

    I am looking at the witt machine SME, but they seem to be perpetually out of stock for 6.5, and it got me to wondering: What linear comp/blast device/whatever you want to call them has the most dB reduction at the shooter? I am debating on either waiting for the SME to come back into stock or...
  12. SquarePizza

    16-18 inch shorty rifles

    I would love to see more of this rifle.
  13. SquarePizza

    IR illumination for the woods

    I am running a sightmark wraith 2x on top of a savage mk II which I have been using for predator control. All of my shooting is done less than 75 yards (most of it between 20-40 yards). I am shooting from a field into a hedgerow that is a known hot spot for furry terrorists. The stock IR...
  14. SquarePizza

    SAKO TRG-22

    This is where I wish KRG offered more options for their barrels. They only offer 16.5 and 20. I know the 20 will offer me approximately 100 extra yards before going transsonic, but part of me is attracted to the handiness of a 16.5 barrel with a folding rear stock. Down side is that I can (at...
  15. SquarePizza

    SAKO TRG-22

    Has anyone tried a 16 or 18" barrel on their TRG? I have been seriously considering the KRG 16.5" barrel for mine, but worry I won't like it and think that I should just go with the 20".
  16. SquarePizza

    BREAKING: NYS Democrats ram through huge gun control package in record time: REMEMBER this when politicians fail to deliver on other issues.

    That is the problem with being born in NY. There are plenty of us that have voted red for entire generations, whole counties that defined lock downs and refuse to enforce gun laws. If you look at a county by county voting map, the majority of land in this state is as red as the next state, and...
  17. SquarePizza

    30 Cal 169 SMK in 1:8 twist?

    Has anyone tried the 169 SMK in a fast twist barrel? I am highly considering the KRB 16.5" barrel for my TRG22, but the twist is 1:8, since the 169 was made with the 1:12 guns in mind, I am worried they won't work well in a fast twist. The reason I want to use them is because I have plenty on...
  18. SquarePizza

    President Monkeypox

    Vaccine was developed in 2019... must not have sold enough of them, now we gotta work it up and make the companies a few more billion.
  19. SquarePizza

    Sheepdog warrior long range class or Barbour creek?

    If sheepdog is close, definitely give it a try. I've never taken one of their classes, but I do shoot PRS there. It's a decent range. One thing to keep in mind is that there is usuallynot a huge amount of wind there. You are shooting up what looks like a ski slope with trees on both sides. So...
  20. SquarePizza

    Practical barrel length

    I actually plan on running it as a switch barrel. My thoughts were either settle on middle length like a 20-22". Or use the keg barrel nut system to get a 16" 308 and keep the current 24" 6.5cm barrel around. That barrel is still averaging .5-.75 moa even though it's higher round count. The...