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    Go to online store for ammunition?

    ^^^^ This I read about a scam that a different website was running where everything is in stock and prices seem a little too good to be true. You check out like normal, pay with a CC, but then they contact you to pay via zelle because their payment processing system is down. If you pay with a...
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    Member Link Up SW Ohio people you need to see this

    Fresh rifles though... Never fired and only dropped once.
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    Savior Equipment "LRP" Rifle Bag - Thoughts?

    I have the Urban Warfare bag that I keep a carbine in and I've been happy with it. It's pretty solid for a bag and has plenty of padding. It is heavy though. I agree with another comment I saw that it would be nice if the straps could move but it's not the end of the world. It has plenty of...
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    SOLD SPF--- 40 S&W ammo. Brass Case FMJ & JHP

    Selling my 40 S&W ammo along with 2 handguns (see my other posts) 400 x Winchester JHP Sell the hollow points as a lot for $175 shipped CONUS 500 x Speer lawman TMJ 100 x Winchester FMJ Sell these 600 rounds as a lot for $230. Shipped CONUS Would trade 1:1 for similar 9mm ammo
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    Bump reduced to $375
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    SOLD WTS/ WTT - HK USP 40 V1 $550

    As the title says, I'm selling my HK USP 40. I believe this is the Variant 1. It's DA/SA with the safety/decocking lever. I bought it used several years ago and just don't shoot it much. Looks like it was a duty pistol from the wear on the right side of the grip. It's otherwise in good...
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    As the title says I'm selling my FNP-40. I bought it new about 14 years ago, sent a few hundred rounds through it. As you can see in the pictures it has very minor holster wear. Included is the pistol holster and mag holster that came with it. I'm consolidating my handguns and ammo to 9mm...
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    Reloading Equipment Hornady Match 6.5 CM 140

    Interested in selling outright?
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    Member Link Up West central Ohio

    Finally!! A real range within a reasonable distance. Just over an hour from me.
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    Accessories SOLD 308 ammo and brass. ALL SOLD

    Live ammo sold. Brass still available
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    Accessories SOLD 308 ammo and brass. ALL SOLD

    You got it. PM me your details
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    Accessories SOLD Manners T-2 stock & PTG Bottom Metal SOLD

    For sale is a Manners T-2 stock with PTG Bottom Metal. Previously bedded as you can see in the photos. Also has 2 flush cups and 2 sling swivel studs and a Karsten cheek piece. $400 shipped