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  1. lte82

    SOLD WTB 115 DTAC 109 Berger

    Call them in the morning if you have any doubts. That's where everyone else is buying them...
  2. lte82


    This would only apply to states like Washington, where Kirk is practicing law, that require a 4473 to be filled out for *all* transfers. In free(er) states where this isn't a requirement, you can in fact put non NFA firearms into a trust just as easily as sell your gun to your neighbor without...
  3. lte82

    High end rifle issue

    Try some Lapua Scenar 300gr. Seriously. They have shot great in all of the 338s I’ve had. SMKs shot pretty good too. Berger hybrids were pretty picky, which I thought was weird because of how forgiving and accurate literally every other hybrid I has been.
  4. lte82

    SOLD SOLD Griffin Armament SPRM mount

    I’ll take it assuming it’s 34mm.
  5. lte82

    Kestrel Meters Ballistics Official Thread

    I rarely if ever true MV. That was something left over from when chronographs were not that accurate. Typically if your scope height input is accurate, and you get a good velocity from an accurate chrono like a Magnetospeed, and your firing direction is input correctly, you are simply truing...
  6. lte82

    Coating options for Sugeon

    I melonited my surgeon action, and it works perfectly. Zero bolt bind or drag, and it doesn’t slow down in dusty conditions like a cerakoted action.
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    .223 - 5.56

    From my own personal experience having used a handful of kegs of AR Comp, it’s very temp stable, more so than varget even, but it has a faster burn rate. It’s a very low heat powder and barrel life is very very good. Accuracy is the best of any powder I’ve tried for 223/308, with very low SDs...
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    Upsides to shooting a left handed gun? An extremely rare lefty AI AW.
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    RMR 75 GR BTHP 3GH with TAC and AA2520

    AR Comp is interesting as it burns much more quickly and you end up with a lot less gas at the bolt carrier. Really good for suppressed applications or in barrels where you are overgassed in general. It’s also really good at reducing muzzle flash in short 5.56 barrels. You may really like it.
  10. lte82

    .223 - 5.56

    Hmm, I guess they are taking the Accurate mags and milling out the front of the plastic inserts? I may have to pick one up...
  11. lte82

    .223 - 5.56

    Ran the 85.5's out to 1000 and came up with a G7 BC of .275. Groups were GREAT, no weird fliers. I shot a total of 60 rounds and they were like shooting a 6BR but with less recoil and better feeding. Now if MDT would just make a 12 round mag with 2.55" OAL we would be in business.
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    Berger 153.5 jump?

    Oddly enough, the time of flight difference between a 105 @ 3000 and a 153.5 @ 2600 is only 0.02 seconds at 300 yd and 0.11 seconds at 1000. Not much!
  13. lte82

    Berger 153.5 jump?

    2580 is pretty slow, but big bullets show up really well on the plate or off the plate. Obviously works well for him. I’ve considered going back to 6.5 with a mildly loaded 144 hybrid. Not really from a wind advantage standpoint, but a visual advantage down range with the bigger slower bullet...
  14. lte82

    Berger 153.5 jump?

    Is there any appreciable advantage over the 144 in a small case like the x47?
  15. lte82

    Defiance action new costs?!

    Are Personal preference. Do you want the most accurate and reliable rifle at any cost, or are you willing to have something that is just decent for a lot less? If you go to 12 matches and spend $15k-$20k a year on shooting, does it make sense to try to compete with a $800 Savage or a $4000...
  16. lte82

    Defiance action new costs?!

    The one Bat I had would bind a bit if you didn’t manipulate the bolt perfectly. Maybe I had a bad example.
  17. lte82

    AXSR Extraction / Stiff Bolt Unlock Question

    You may ask him measure the diameter of the chamber at the base just to see. May be worth opening it up a hair if it's on the small side.
  18. lte82

    AXSR Extraction / Stiff Bolt Unlock Question

    Are the chambers rough and do have any imperfections you can see with a bore scope? Have you measured fired vs unfired brass diameter at the .200 line? You can also have an overly tight chamber (not a good thing) especially near the case head that causes heavy bolt lift / hard extraction...
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    AXSR Extraction / Stiff Bolt Unlock Question

    What color is it?