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  1. DieselWSM

    Night Vision Halo XRF mounted on Lonepeak Fuzion Action

    Oh look! SH trolls can have a brain. You nailed it buddy. Read the entire thread before you post something stupid.
  2. DieselWSM

    Night Vision Halo XRF mounted on Lonepeak Fuzion Action

    Going to huh? I HAVE cycled "in the moment" and like I said, works fine, with and without gloves. If you are palming the bolt, you are doing it wrong. I am always appreciative of internet snipers telling me "how things are going to work ", in absolute terms, based on a blurry picture but thanks...
  3. DieselWSM

    Night Vision Halo XRF mounted on Lonepeak Fuzion Action

    20MOA base, Bobro mount and a cut off wheel. It’s a rem 700 so don’t really care that I modified the bolt knob. Works fine now for a lefty.
  4. DieselWSM

    Help a Fellow Shooter DRAWING

    Donated Dorfan! Clint
  5. DieselWSM

    Optics Leupold Gold Ring 12-42 Spotter. NIB **PRICE DROP** $900

    NIB part number 120372. $900 shipped.
  6. DieselWSM

    Left Hand Sale Rem 700 Benchmark Barrels built 28 Nosler- $1600 Shipped

    Adoption. Blown Powerstroke. Yada Yada, have to part way with some of my gear. Phenominal shooting 28 Nosler. 27" Med Palma with 1:8. Round Count is 160. Timney Calvin Elite Trigger XLR folding stock with 3.875 Mag Well. 20 MOA rail and threaded 5/8x24. Picture is of a 3 shot group at 600yds...
  7. DieselWSM

    Optics **Optics FS- Leupold Mk 5, Vortex Gen II, Sig Oscar 7 Spotter**

    Adoption. Blown Powerstroke motor. yada yada. Have to part ways with some stuff... Vortex Gen II 4.5-27 EBR-2C with Vortex High rings and Holland Scope level. Scope is in perfect condition. Seen a few matches but well taken care of. $1750 Shipped Leupold Mk 5 5-25 M5C3 reticle with ARC 35mm...
  8. DieselWSM

    Sniper’s Hide Cup shtc ?

    Hi John, The team match is ran exactly like a singles match except you get almost twice the time. Tyipcally 5:30 per stage. The SHTC is a "run what you brung" matchj and 2 of everything is highly encouraged, especially tripods. Most stages are blind with all ranges required to be obtained on...
  9. DieselWSM

    WTS NF 7-35 ATACR F1 **SOLD**

    bump for the day
  10. DieselWSM

    SilencerCo Radius For Sale

    Still available? PM Sent
  11. DieselWSM

    WTS NF 7-35 ATACR F1 **SOLD**

    Details are in the pics. Great condition. $2800 Shipped PP F&F