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  1. ClangClang

    2022 "Run For Your Life" Run & Gun biathlon match. Nov 5/6. Cross Timbers, MO.

    If you've ever wanted to try out a Run and Gun match, there are still some slots for the upcoming "Run For Your Life" Run and Gun next month at the incredible Lucas Oil Ranch in Cross Timbers, MO. This is one of the best matches of the year, hands down. It is halloween themed with all the...
  2. ClangClang

    Possible to calculate minimum possible zero distance?

    If I'm understanding you correctly, your 41 yard point of aim is lower than your point of impact as seen through a boresight. This means that you could theoretically zero even closer than 41 yards. So obviously you'd be able to zero at 100 yards as well. Just push your target out further. FWIW...
  3. ClangClang

    Accessories All PROOF Research Barrels on SALE

    Any chance you're gonna get the 18" 6 ARC barrel back in stock for this sale?
  4. ClangClang

    22 Nosler in a semi auto platform. Thoughts and experience please...

    6mm arc or 6.5 Grendel have much more development behind them and will do basically the same thing as a .22 Nosler semi.
  5. ClangClang

    Optics Holosun HE509T-GR

    How are these RMR footprint?
  6. ClangClang

    SOLD CZ SP01 Shadow Target II

    This is not a Shadow II. This is an original SP-01 Shadow. Free bump though!
  7. ClangClang

    Accessories (2) Gittings Equalizer Skid Pad

    Payment sent for both
  8. ClangClang

    3 mile impact with .338 caliber on 3rd shot!

    @tnester1 super impressive! Approx how much energy does that load have at the muzzle and then on target at 3 miles?
  9. ClangClang

    Range session: Hits on target vs ammo cost

    I don't like shooting enough to spend more than I already do. Also, for the type of shooting I do (carbine matches, typically out to 500-600 yards max, with ~4 MOA targets), that type of accuracy isn't necessary at all. Speed is much more important than being able to drill bug holes at 1000+...
  10. ClangClang

    Night Vision SPF: MAWL C1+ FDE NEW in box

    As per our texts, I will take this.
  11. ClangClang

    WTB WTB: KAC Barrel Extension Wrench

    Why do you need a KAC wrench for a Larue UU kit? The KAC wrench is only for KAC guns. The KAC E3 barrel extension is shaped differently than a mil spec extension and it's not recommended to use the various rods/wrenches interchangeably. Also, the KAC wrench will also be super hard to find right...
  12. ClangClang

    Moving to Maryland, Working in DC

    Unless you're planning on being here for at least 4-5 years, I wouldn't buy. Renting is far more sensible. Especially when you're looking to buy a fixer upper. You will lose money overall when you sell. Especially once you figure in closing and other sunken costs you won't recover. @kl3309's...
  13. ClangClang

    Snipers Hide Penmanship Classroom

    Have you ever considered learning arabic or hebrew? Might be easier for you.
  14. ClangClang

    Rifle Scopes March 1-10 Shorty Dual Focal - Reviews?

    I was today years old when I heard about the new offering from March. Anyone gotten some hands-on time yet? Their 1-10 Shorty appears to have all the ingredients of a winning LPVO to sit on top of an all purpose battle rifle (SR-25 ACC). Intended usage is Heavy Metal division in various...
  15. ClangClang

    Suppressors TBAC CB for SR25

    I'm asking what did you try (if anything) to alleviate the gassiness of a stock SR25 with a TBAC can? Did you try going to a heavier buffer or spring, etc?
  16. ClangClang

    Suppressors TBAC CB for SR25

    Can you comment on what sort of tuning you tried before deciding to rebarrel, i.e. different buffers or springs, different BCGs, etc. What worked the best? What had no effect? Thanks!
  17. ClangClang

    LMT MWS 308 lowers don't like drop in triggers?

    You can lightly sand the sides of the trigger cassette if you only need a couple thousandths of extra clearance. This will obviously void your warranty though. Generally speaking though, I think most cassette triggers are a solution in search of a problem. They are less reliable, more prone to...
  18. ClangClang

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Army REJECTS Glock 19X, "It's a shitty pistol that is not worth the Army's time and money." - General James C. McConville, Army Chief of Staff

    I think that anytime somebody comments on a pistol thread, it should be mandatory to also include a video of them shooting their preferred pistol. Any drill of choice as long as it includes a reload, is done on a shot timer, and shows the time and hits on target. Or better set, shooting a set...
  19. ClangClang

    Fieldcraft Jungle Training/Survival Courses

    I have a guide I've worked with in the Peruvian Amazon. His experience and teaching is decidedly NON "tactical" in nature, but in terms of raw experience actually living, surviving, and thriving in the jungle, his experience is second to none. We improvised fishing gear, ate piranha every night...
  20. ClangClang

    Optics All sold

    Fixed the price on the XTR2, I was way too high.