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  1. Dantrom

    SOLD FS 1x 1-6

    I’ll take the one for 1800
  2. Dantrom

    SOLD FS 1x 1-6

  3. Dantrom

    SOLD Optics - Trijicon Credo 3-9x40 (Updated 5/27/2022)

    I will take the Steiner MRS. PM for Payment inbound
  4. Dantrom

    Firearms Badger M2008 6.5 SAUM Rifle

    Does this still include the chassis
  5. Dantrom

    My "One Piece at a Time" project....

    Sounds likenyouve obviously enjoyed the process. Hows it shoot for you, have you worked up a load?
  6. Dantrom

    SOLD Sold locally

    Great dude, deal with confidence.
  7. Dantrom

    Firearms SPF Curtis Vector with 20" Barrel

    Would you sell just the action? If so price?
  8. Dantrom

    Accessories WTS Magneto Speed V2

    I'll take this
  9. Dantrom

    Gunsmithing Preferred end mills

    Not a gunsmith, but journeyman tool and die by trade. I have had great luck with SGS z-carb.
  10. Dantrom

    Accessories WTB Badger Front Rail

    I'd like to install one in my stock if anyone has one they could part with I'm going to give this a few days before I order one from the web. Thanks guys!
  11. Dantrom

    Reloading Equipment Sold:::::400+ Hornady 6.5cm 1x::::sold

    I'd be interested in what you have not annealed. How many would that be and price?
  12. Dantrom

    Accessories Manners T4A LA bedded Stock - New SOLD

    Never mind I see you already mentioned surgeon dbm
  13. Dantrom

    Accessories Manners T4A LA bedded Stock - New SOLD

    What bottom metal is this cut for?
  14. Dantrom

    Accessories *SOLD* APO Saber M700 Side Folder PRICE DROP

    Is there clearance for an action with a trigger hanger?