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  1. Subwrx300

    Optics Sold

    All sold; thanks @SniperBro and @djarecke for speedy transactions!
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    Optics Sold

    Mil C is sold. Mil XT still available.
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    Optics Sold

    PMs replied; offers pending on MilC. XT still up.
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    Optics Sold

    All sold
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    Feedback Vitali1342 is G2G

    @Vitali1342 is good to go. Good communication, fast payment and good follow-up! Buyer good to go!
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    Accessories Sold

    SPF to @Vitali1342 per our discussion.
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    Accessories Sold

    Up for the day.
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    Accessories Sold

    Have two TBAC 100% certs up for grabs; both are good for free can of your choice. Originally planning to build two large cals but decided to go different route. $1000 each or $1800k for both. First "I'll take it" with payment for each cert wins. Payment via PayPal F&F or Venmo. Feel free to...
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    Optics Vortex 12x50 UHD NIB $1250 Shipped

    Selling a set of Vortex Razor UHD 12x50 Binos, new in box, never run in field. $1600+ new. Amazing glass and incredible clarity/resolution. Includes carry harness, chest rig, shoulder strap, accessory pouch and all the normal goodies from factory. Best hunting or competition glass I've...
  10. Subwrx300

    MDT 12rd AICS Mags w/ Area 419 +4 Extension

    I use the standard MDT mag/spring with 419 extensions. Zero issues. But you do need to stretch the spring slight before Installation. Should be in the instructions included with the Area 419 extension. Have 3 mags setup this way. No issues all of last season or this season.
  11. Subwrx300

    Howa 1500 builds **post them**

    Get a SOLID barrel vise and action wrench for the Howa. It should spin off with a bit of elbow grease. I ended up clamping action in vice and using a pipe wrench and cheater to break mine free. Yours may come off easier or harder. But once off, it was great to use the barrel nut to...
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    West Michigan 22lr Precision Steel Series

    To help get idea of head count, please sign up/RSVP here: Thanks and looking forward to a good match!
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    West Michigan 22lr Precision Steel Series

    Just a note to say match on the 16th is still going forward. Cost is 40 for non-members (which will include a membership through end of 2020) and 30 for members. Arrive by 715-730 if you are non member to get membership form completed. Match starts at 8am.
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    West Michigan 22lr Precision Steel Series

    To follow up with a great set of matches last year, we are building a small series here in West Michigan. 4 regular matches plus finale, best 3 + finale will determine season placement. Send me a direct message to register or with any questions...
  15. Subwrx300

    Done with Hornady tipped bullets....?

    So I finally had my last straw with tipped bullets. Specifically, Hornady, but I'm not likely to go back to anything with a polymer tip for the appreciable future. Quick version: 223s they shoot great at 100, 200 and with 6.5s even 400-600yds. But...
  16. Subwrx300

    OMG Seating stem accuracy difference

    So I've wanted to test this for a while and finally got around to it. For compressed loads, the bullets can get marked/damaged pretty easily, and if seating stem doesn't fit bullet PERFECTLY, I suspected it would cause accuracy issues. Today, I...