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  1. getstung8

    SOLD 96x Virgin Peterson 6x47L

    I will take this. Please pm me PayPal
  2. getstung8

    Accessories FS: Atlas CAL w/ RRS Clamp **SOLD**

    Do you want to separate the clamp
  3. getstung8

    Accessories Clean out( red dots , triggers, zero compromise)

    I will take the zero tolerance/ zero compromise 308 as well if not already sold
  4. getstung8

    WTB Long action stock/ chassis. 1pc base/rail, triggertech w stop

    I have an outdoorsman brand chassis I would sell. Pm me for pictures
  5. getstung8

    SOLD Precision Underground 3D ELR rear bag

    I will take this if still available
  6. getstung8

    SOLD 6mm creemoor brass

    Small rifle primer?
  7. getstung8

    SOLD Minox 5-25 LR $1650 shipped

    I have an ior 3-18 with digital illumination if you are interested
  8. getstung8

    SOLD sold @togetstung8 6mm 95gr "Seneca" Competition Bullets

    I will take these. Please pm me PayPal
  9. getstung8

    Accessories Hawkins LA m5 DBM

    Still got it
  10. getstung8

    SOLD PVA 250 bullet Cert

    I will take this
  11. getstung8

    SOLD Alpha 6 creedmoor brass

    If this is srp I will take it
  12. getstung8

    SOLD 6mm PVA solids. Match and Hunter

    I will take these please pm me PayPal
  13. getstung8

    Optics for sale Sightron 111

    Is that $575 shipped? Do you take PayPal?
  14. getstung8

    SOLD Sawtooth Dependabilt SideTrak Weights for AI Keyslot (AT-X)

    I will take these. Please pm me PayPal info
  15. getstung8

    SOLD Eberlestock M5 Team Elk

    I will take the lodrag please pm me PayPal information
  16. getstung8

    SOLD New Sunrise Tactical Kestrel Pouch Multicam

    I will take this. Please pm me PayPal
  17. getstung8

    Accuracy International AT-X

    Everyone knows when you buy an AI you have transition to support hand pork sausage handling so damage doesn’t occur. I think it is in the manual.