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    Manner Flush Cups?

    That's great news! Glad it worked for you too
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    Best scope base with #8-40 cap screws?

    Badger Ordnance part number Mfr Part: 306-07-8 Available in stock at Europtic here Available in stock at Brownells here Available in stock at Triad Tactical here Amazon has it also
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    Manner Flush Cups?

    I had an older Manners stock I got from a friend and it had full rotation qd cups that I changed myself and it came out really nice. First I found a drill bit that fit the inside of the qd cup snug. Then I take the drill bit out of the cup and heat the bit up with a torch, get it hot and put it...
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    Anyone use factory seconds?

    I've been wondering about the factory seconds that pop up on Midway. Mostly the 77's. Are they a single lot?
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    SOLD B&T Industries CAL Atlas Bipod - with ADM-170-S BT65-LW17

    I have 2 B&T Industries CAL Atlas Bipod - with ADM-170-S BT65-LW17 for sale. Excellent condition with Hawk Hill spike feet included. $250 shipped Discreet Pay Pal F&F , or you pay fee
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    Accessories TriggerTech Special Single Stage RH 700 clone $150

    I kave a like new TriggerTech Special Single Stage Model number R70-SBS-13-TNC 700 Clone bare, no bolt release, stainless curved shoe and safety. $150 Shipped discreet Paypal F and F or G&S you pay fee I pulled this from Europtic Specifications FitsRemington 700 Clone...
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    SOLD 300 RSAUM Headspace Gauge PTG NO GO

    I have an excellent condition PTG Headspace Gauge for sale. It is a 300 RSAUM Gauge that will cover the whole RSAUM Family of cartridges 300 RSAUM NO-GO $45 Shipped Discreet Pay Pal F&F, G&S you pay fee, Google Pay, Apple pay, USPS Money Order
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    SOLD PRI SPR PEQ Rail $100 shipped

    I Have a new (no package) PRI SPR PEQ top rail for Gen 3 Pri round forearms for a Mk12 Mod 0. Part number 05-SPR-PEQ-X. Make sure this is the one you want no returns Has Gen 3 cutouts see picture I'm asking $100 shipped. Paypal F&F or you pay fee. Pics Coming Thank you!
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    SOLD **SOLD**Krieger 7mm 1:8, "1.25 ST 29" Barrel

    **SOLD**I have this new Krieger barrel for sale. I figured it would be easier to just post the build sheet. I'm asking $375 Shipped Paypal F&F or you pay fee. NO NOTES OR COMMENTS Thank You!
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    SOLD Redding/Forster **SOLD**

    Sold to DAMNKID
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    SOLD Redding/Forster **SOLD**

    **Sold**I Have some excellent Redding and Forster 7 SAUM dies for sale. I would prefer to not break them up. But I will. Pay Pal F and F or you pay fee Please no notes or comments. Thank you! $200 shipped for all 1 Redding neck sizer (neck only) with .312 bushing $60 shipped 1 Redding body...
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    ## Water Quench or Air Cool Annealed Brass? ##

    Wouldn't a wet towel cool one side of the brass faster than the other? Inconsistent cooling ? ETA: Sorry for bringing back the dead LOL!!
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    SOLD Vortex Razor HD Gen2 EBR-2C MIL in SPUHR 4001

    I have an excellent condition Vortex Razor HD Gen2 EBR-2C Mil 4.5-27x56 with a SPUHR SP4001 mount. The scope has been used and there is some wear on the turret high points and some ejection rash on the bottom of the windage knob (see pictures). There is also a mark on the frount bottom of scope...