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    The NRAs explanation of why the 6.5Creedmoor is better than .260............

    No offense @Krob95 but are you sure?
  2. J

    The ever changing brazillion snow monster.

    Please little precious baby Jesus up there in the sky let us have a round 2
  3. J

    Chinese Balloon

    Not a chance in hell any Chinese balloons entered our airspace on Trump’s watch. He would’ve had them down in minutes and spent the next week in front of cameras shit talking Xi.
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    10 mil NLE ZCO is going to be king.
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

  6. J

    Chinese Balloon

    Yes. F-22 took it down off the coast
  7. J

    Chinese Balloon

    Ground stop due to security at CHS, ILM and MYR
  8. J

    Chinese Balloon
  9. J

    Accuracy International AT-X

    Same here. Called them back in August and picked up the hinge and a full bridge.
  10. J

    Accessories *** XLR Chassis’s ***

    I gotta ask. How much for just the hybrids? Pm me if you wish
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    Maggie’s The New Hot Girlfriend/Wife Thread

    Meth is one hell of a drug
  12. J

    Mini Fridge | House Fire warning.

    Hate to see this but glad it wasn't worse.
  13. J

    Defiance bought out

    I think you nailed it. They can forever kiss my ass and I wasn't even trying to buy a rifle.
  14. J

    Defiance bought out

    Wish I would of seen this before I posted. Oh well. Fuck em
  15. J

    Defiance bought out
  16. J

    LOL do people actually shoot anymore?

    This is boring. Bring back Snowmonster.
  17. J

    SOLD 6 BR Norma Peterson Brass 500 count

    Damn I just bought 500 pieces from Graf and Sons yesterday or I would've jumped on this. Lapua seems like its unobtainable.
  18. J

    SOLD Nightforce NX8 1-8 FC-DMX Dark Earth

    Nightforce NX8 1-8 FC-DMX Dark Earth C663 Badger COMM mount 0 moa 1.7” Scope is like new and has only been to the range a couple of times. I prefer my Atacr so letting this one go. Asking $1,800 with the mount or $1,600 without. No trades. I’m working nights right now so please be...
  19. J

    Such a waste......

    Sounds like he lived a pretty good life to me
  20. J

    Such a waste......

    You can only drink and fuck so much. What did he do with the other $1,000 a week?