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    Suppressors Form 4 wait time

    e-form 4 on trust - silencer Submitted - 5/13/22 Approved - 2/7/23 269 days
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    Rubber Damping added to a stock?

    Now to see if these things work.
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    6.5x47 Lapua

    I seem to recall reading on a forum when it first came out that it wasn’t ideal in the 47, so I held off on trying it. But I hope I’m wrong. Please share your results.
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    The Modern Scout Rifle

    I had trouble seeing branches that could deflect my bullet when I was viewing deer with the red dot in the woods at distances starting around 75 yards. I had to use my bino to find shooting lanes in certain situations. I wasn’t aware of this at first. I’m thinking that 4-6x magnification would...
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    The Modern Scout Rifle

    Here is my scout rifle in its current configuration. I tried the scout scope concept with a fixed power EER Leupold but hated the extremely narrow field of view and poor low light performance when hunting. The 2 MOA red dot is ideal for this rifle because that’s about equal to its practical...
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    Steiner T6xi

    I think you’ll like it, my first impressions are that it’s a solid overall package with a nice form factor to boot. From my short time behind the Leupold 3.6-18, I prefer the Steiner. However, I have not yet had the chance to verify its repeatability. I’ve got three tenths below the zero stop...
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    Steiner T6xi

    Got a couple of pics through the T6Xi 3-18x56. The background image is poor because I’m looking through an old screened window into a fog, as well as using my phone for pics, but the illumination shown should give you an idea about the reticle usability at various magnification levels for those...
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    6.5x47 Lapua

    I’m on the 13th firing across all my 200 Lapua cases, and I’ve only had one case loosen so that it would not hold a primer. That case was probably one of the cases I used for initial pressure testing when I first got the rifle. Some of those were loaded pretty hot in an effort to get to know the...
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    Steiner T6xi

    On the flip side of that, the sun shade that comes free with the T6Xi fits the ZP-5 as well.
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    Steiner T6xi

    For those that are thinking of running the D.F.A.T. system, the 58-55 adapter that works on the PMII and ZP-5 also fits perfectly on the Steiner 3-18x56.
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    Precision Rifle Gear Scope Chaps

    I’d be interested in a few as well.
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    Ultra 7 or ultra 9 for 22 creedmoor

    I think it depends on the optic you use on your rifle, as well as the barrel length and profile. The Dominus is a great can but I prefer my Ultra 7 on my 16” factory barreled hunting rifles with low powered scopes over my Dominus because less of it shows up in the sight picture through the...
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    Scope Chaps!!

    Love mine!
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    6.5 Creedmoor Twist Rate Experiences

    Not a CM, but my x47 shot the 147’s very accurately at distance with an 8 twist. Not sure I’d ever want anything heavier/longer than those with the case capacity of these cartridges.
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    Raven Euro Carbon fiber stocks

    Yep, times they are a changing.
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    2023 ultimate reloading bench

    The ultimate reloading bench is a bench that wraps around a room entirely devoted to reloading, with a comfortable chair that you can also lounge in. The components themselves will come and go as time goes on.
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    .308 Winchester

    That is what I have found, too. Different bullets/powders/brass combinations prefer different primers. But at this point I just shoot whatever primers I have on hand.
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    Steiner T6xi

    Well I just ordered one. Thanks again.
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    Steiner T6xi

    Yeah it’s listed as 50 yards on Liberty Optics website, that is what I was going off of.