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    AR Experts. Predictions?

    ^^^Im in! I can’t be “the guy”. Unless you auger four holes into a big square. I won’t fit otherwise. My ass is too fat! 😁
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    Can't believe youtube hasn't banned this pretty funny...Naptime....

    Omg, I laughed my ass off.
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    Zelensky the grifter

    Let me know if you decide to blow up Mecklenburg so I can step across the county line before you do it. I hate what Charlotte has become, but I live on 17 acres of what used to be a nice farm. It’s my wife’s family land and she is very attached to it, plus we help take care of her dad, and he...
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    blackwater sniper

    W. T. F. This thread is what, eleven years old.
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    LOL do people actually shoot anymore?

    I still shoot, but not as much. Life is crazy busy. Shoot a couple uspsa matches a month. I didn’t have anywhere to practice long range, and was tired of getting my ass kicked at PRS matches by locals farm boys who have 900 yds in their pasture to practice. Member at Coleman’s Creek now, so I...
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    Maggie’s The Wood Shop

    @Bigfatcock , sorry for the delay. I used min-wax poly stain. It has the stain and polyurethane in one product. I had used the dark “Bombay” color on things in the house and it came out great, so I thought a lighter color would work for the mahogany. The stain was just too thick colored for...
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    @nockhunter ! Where ya been? Long time no see!
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns 1911 10mm modification, expert advice needed

    Reach out to Jeff at Tommy Guns USA on fb. He is an incredible Smith and machinists who primarily works on 1911s. Good guy and I’m sure he can help you. Check out some of his videos on the fb page for references.
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    Hey what’s that handle looking thingy on the AR?
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    Somebody move this silliness to the semi page.
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    K-Bars Half-Face Blades enthusiasts thread

    Most of the knives you see on this thread are “production “ knives. Standard blade profiles with regular G10 handles and Allen bolts holding them on. You move up a notch when you get into wood and antler combinations with mosaic pins, and then there are customs that you order which will take...
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    I think the GAOTW winner should swap places with #2. Also the last honorable mention girl should be moved up in the standings. I’m not complaining, just making observations based on highly objective non scientific data! And I do appreciate you taking the time to do this, but Your Honor, I object!
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    Satern barrels

    Can’t believe people will dig up a four year old post just to try and say, see I told you so. Jeeez.
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    Maggie’s The Wood Shop

    Here are a couple of my boxes. The top one is mahogany. It came out nice, but I’m not happy with the finish. I should have tested it on a trial piece. It’s too opaque and the beautiful grain on the top board got lost. Won’t do that again. Did the light colored box a few years back. I think...
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    Maggie’s The Wood Shop

    Those finger joints look good. Getting ready to make a box for my son out of curly maple. Using finger joints for corners and I’m praying that it doesn’t blow out. Should have it done by this weekend. We have some very talented people on this forum.
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    Next Tattoo?

    I think I'm the only person to come out of the Navy with no tats. I wanted one bad, but my wife hates them. She finally relented and said I could get whatever I wanted as long as the first one was her choice. I agreed and then she said she wanted a large ram's head tattooed on the head of my...
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    Walk Out Music Recs

    Motley Crue- Kick start my heart.
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    Maggie’s Socially UNacceptable Humor

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    Time pieces/Watches?

    @myronman3, that's a cool watch. What is it. Inquiring minds want to know.