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  1. splean

    Turn in my retirement packet today!

    Congratulations! Well played at 51 too! It'll be a change but a change well worth getting used to. Best of luck!
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    Retirement looms on the near horizon.......

    Hang it up, brother and get to living. Congratulations and best of luck!
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    Maggie’s Post your douchy firearm trainers here

    What a stupid, stupid man.
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    Domestic Terrorism Department

  5. splean

    Domestic Terrorism Department

    I agree with you, I would rather go down fighting. In his case, however, the prior dictator had banned and confiscated firearms, not that he had any to give up. He also had his wife and four kids in the house. I suppose he might have been assured by his sheriff friend telling him they were just...
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    Domestic Terrorism Department

    The way they do, as it was explained to me by my family who fled Cuba, is they wreck the economy inducing poverty and shortages. Once everyone is feeling the pain, they turn neighbors against neighbors by inducing them to report "anti-revolutionary" activity. My grandfather was turned in by a...
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    The new SS, hitler would be proud It's a British article but and interesting read.
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    Maggie’s Book Suggestions

    "A Rifleman Went to War" by Herbert W. McBride. This is an interesting first-hand account of an American National Guardsman who joins the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First World War. He serves as machine-gunner and a sniper during his time in the CEF.
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    Band of Brothers - hip hop

    I'm not a big hip hop fan but this cracked me up.
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    Maggie’s Song of the day.

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    Rifle Scopes in carry on

    I've flown with two scopes in my backpack. TSA asked what they were. I said they were telescopes and was let through.
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    Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

  13. splean

    How countries fight their wars.

    This made me laugh......
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    Movie Theater 💡seeking sage advice, taking a lady to a movie tonight💡

    Either is fine but be sure to tip the concession stand attendant. It's what a proper gentleman would do.
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    AR Lower price Increase

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    I'm not sure if this has already been posted. I just read this. What does this mean? Any insight? Seems sketchy AF.
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    Maggie’s And Then There Were None

    Powerful thread guys, thanks for sharing. I grew up across the street from a vet who drove Higgins boats in the Pacific and then in Korea. Him and his wife would babysit me sometimes. He took life with a cool calm demeanor, even when dealing with someone else's hyperactive kid. I used to clean...