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    How to remove varnish/lacquer from stock hardware?

    I have but the rest of the rifle is in such good condition that it makes it look off.
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    How to remove varnish/lacquer from stock hardware?

    I have some at home I can try. I just don't know if it will affect the finish. I might test it on some enbloc clips I have first. Those are park'd I think.
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    How to remove varnish/lacquer from stock hardware?

    I have a British Lend Lease Garand that I am trying to figure out how to remove the lacquer from the parkerized metal parts on the stock. The old guy I bought it from years ago had sanded the cartouche off the side of the stock and then coated it all in lacquer. I removed it from the wood but...
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    Any other shooters--

    The company I work for has very few shooters. There are about 10 of us, but I'm the only serious one outside of a guy that shoots trap and skeet. The funny thing is when one of the guys from another department figured out I shoot, he came over and talked to me almost like it was some sort of...
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    To ARC or not to ARC...

    I don't know why. Lots of things can affect accuracy from what I have read. Barrel torque, play between the upper/lower, chamber dimensions and straightness, headspace, torque on the receiver from loading the bipod a lot...I'm not a gunsmith but I stick to basic checks and use a standard torque...
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    To ARC or not to ARC...

    I'm running a 20" Proof carbon and my buddy used the same barrel. We are getting roughly the same speeds around 2660 with Hornady 108 match. My rifle shoots roughly .500-.600 groups at 100, his is slightly larger (probably shooter related). The differences are receiver and bolt. I have a VLTOR...
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    Gunsmithing Cutting a CHF chrome-lined barrel

    Class 3 Machining in the Dallas area. It's $75 to cut, thread and crown. He usually turns then in less than a week for the two times I used him for work. You have to provide a return shipping label too. Flawless work and concentric threads.
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    Anybody play paintball?

    Back when I started playing there were very few semi auto markers. I want to say that was 86 or maybe 88? Tippman had a box fed magazine with 5 shot stripper type clips. They did a hybrid with the pump front half and the semi back half. I think it was the model 68? Everything else was PGP or...
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    Non Lead Ammo push, could it threaten shooting sports as we know it?

    I'm still trying to learn if lead in a hard form such as a pellet or fishing weight will actually break down in water. I can understand lead dust or very small particles, but yet to see anything where a chunk of lead will dissolve in water.
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    Low Mass Operating Systems Setup

    One last question I forgot to ask. Since you are going with less reciprocating mass, does this allow you to use less gas to run the system? Say you had a regular weight BCG and change to the light carrier. Would you change the gas block setting? I realize it needs what it needs to run. Just...
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    Low Mass Operating Systems Setup

    Tony, Thanks for your insight. I appreciate the information and it makes sense to me. I think I will be playing around with some low mass stuff in the future.
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    Low Mass Operating Systems Setup

    I figured wear wouldn't be an issue excluding an Aluminum carrier. I may play with a low mass set up in the future. It looks fun.
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    Low Mass Operating Systems Setup

    I've been interested for a while but have some questions that I can't seem to find the answers to. How ammunition sensitive are these setups? I realize you can tune the gas and springs, etc. I am just curious if you have some variables in the ammo you run. Maybe with powder changes due to...
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    Sordin Headsets

    My buddy just had his Sordin's take a shit on Sunday while we were out. He said it sounded like wind noise before they cut out completely. He tried turning them on and off but it didn't change. I advised him to take the batteries out as maybe it needed to reset. The batteries were super hot to...
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    Auto shutoff stupid.

    Don't forget the wear on the starter and load on the battery. It's a dumb feature and once one company did it, they all had to copy. Here is So-Cal between the morons on their phone and this auto stop BS cars lag from leaving the light. I feel like a NY cab driver most days honking at every...
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    Back pain

    L1-L5 is typically the area that will cause the symptoms you describe. I am currently dealing with it and require surgery to remedy my issues. The front of my left leg is literally numb to the touch between my knee and my ankle. It happed around the end of 2020 and have been battling to find a...
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    One down, thousands more to go.
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    Rifle Scopes Paint removal from scope

    I've had good luck with Citristrip for removing paint. Use something like an old credit card and old toothbrush to scrape and brush to aid in quick removal after letting it sit. I would make sure you cover the lenses just in case. It might take a couple attempts depending on the paint or how...
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    A List of White Racial Slurs Is Circulating at Auburn

    Is there a chocolate milk monkey? Enquiring minds would like to know.
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    223 powder recommendation please

    I use 748 and H335 mostly for bulk 55-62 grain stuff.