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  1. beenjammin

    Optics Wts: Bushnell DMR 3

    open to best offer before going to arf and auctions
  2. beenjammin

    Accessories Wts: LMT MARS/MWS 20” SS barrel assembly

    figured one last bump before arf and GB
  3. beenjammin

    Optics Wts: Bushnell DMR 3

    I have an excellent condition Bushnell DMR 3 3.5-21x50 with G4p reticle. Comes with factory bikini cover. Has never been mounted and no marks on scope. Took on trade. Perfect condition. Sold I will say this version blows the gen 1 and 2 away. I had those and didn’t care for them too much but...
  4. beenjammin

    Accessories ARC-Mbrace and Badger Ordnance mounts

    I’ll take the badger if still availl
  5. beenjammin

    Accessories Wts: LMT MARS/MWS 20” SS barrel assembly

    Selling a new unfired from factory take off 20” SS barrel assembly from an LMT MARS-H DMR. It is 7.62 with 11.25 twist as shown in pic. $600
  6. beenjammin

    Firearms Tikka CTR 6.5cm with Manners T4A

    Nice truck!! Love my 17.
  7. beenjammin

    Optics WTS: Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56 CCh reticle

    bump open to best offer. took on trade . scope it very nice and clean.
  8. beenjammin

    Optics WTS: Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56 CCh reticle

    Selling a leupold mark 5HD 7-35x56 scope in factory box with sunshade and Masterpiece Arms BA mount. Scope is mil adjustments. Non illuminated. Scope is in excellent condition with no scratches or marks. $2000 shipped and insured OBO
  9. beenjammin

    NOT Spending TT or ZCO kinda Dough. Nope.

    Just buy a used ATACR or S&B here from the guys here that are selling to try the TT and ZCOs. Generally get a good scope at great price. Im a S&B super freak and have only ever purchased one brand new.
  10. beenjammin

    Nashville school shooting

    2 ARs? i wonder what they think an AR is they are reporting ... two? that seems odd.
  11. beenjammin

    Ruger SFAR chewing brass

    We shot a 20' SFAR this weekend with an installed seekins adjustable gas block ( took the factory off). Brass looked fine. No marks. Standard recoil buffer/ spring also. Just get a gas block that offers more adjustment settings and a new gas tube because you cannot reuse Ruger's and it will...
  12. beenjammin

    LMT .308 MWS

    I put in on a 5 slot mlok pic rail adapter for magpul. I have had a it a while and love not having to locate brass. I got to be honest i dont remember which model it is, but i see they have added a hinge to it now. I wish i had that on mine. I feel pretty sure this si for the ar10 model.
  13. beenjammin

    LMT .308 MWS

    Got mine out today
  14. beenjammin

    Firearms WTS: LMW MWS .308

    Trade pending
  15. beenjammin

    New M-BRACE Scope Mount $279 from American Rifle Company

    Anyone has a S&B with its side illumination knobs in one of these mounts?