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    Geissele and Larue trigger question

    So I have been playing with triggers lately trying to shrink groups. This means for me swapping some triggers back and forth between rifles. My triggers that I have been working with: Geissele National Match High Speed Geissele SSA-E Geissele G2S Larue MBT-2S RRA National Match Varmint Not...
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    Lower Parts Kit Preferences

    I like the “whoops” kit they offer also. For just milspec they are fairly local to me and have a large stocking dealer. Can always get what I want, with a veterans discount, and not wait.
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    Largest scope for performance and symmetry on a small frame AR.

    Thanks. That cost me my gun allowance. I like the MAD flip up sites. Had to get a set and a rail to try on a build.
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    Lower Parts Kit Preferences

    What’s wrong with them when you get them minus the FCG? It’s a bag of small parts and springs at that point (yes plus mag release and last round hold open also). They are a totally mil spec kit. I install them even into higher brand billet uppers (LMT and GGP). But I only run Geissele or...
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    Lower Parts Kit Preferences

    Agree with a lot of people above. Whatever I can get without a trigger and grip. For me Inhave a local dealer that stocks a lot of Aero stuff. I always have a few “whoops” parts kits on hand at home also. That’s for when you shoot a tiny spring across the room. Buy one of each. Pick your...
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    Largest scope for performance and symmetry on a small frame AR.

    Top firearm, Vortex Viper PST 3-15x44 SFP on a small frame .224V build. I like this for size. This has a Bartlien Barrel in an Aero set, Larue MBT-2S trigger. Bottom firearm, Nightforce SHV 5-20x56 SFP on a large frame 6.5CM build. Swapping this to my .22 trainer for a Vortex Viper PST Gen 2...
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    Largest scope for performance and symmetry on a small frame AR.

    What is the rail used to mount these two scopes? I like that it lets you lower the scope to the bore line by using regular rings. Thanks in advance. I couldn't see markings on either one. Nice rigs.
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    Aero Precision AR-10 BCG warranty claim

    Have you taken it apart, fully lubricated it, I mean oil the hell out of it, and run it for a while. Large frame ARs need lots of lube and break in. I had this same problem with a higher priced BCG. That’s what I did to fix it. You also didn’t mention which level of BCG as far as finish...
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    Hunting rifle

    Including the bears (as a western hunter who has harvested multiple Elk), I would consider something starting at .338WM as a start. Even for elk I hear a lot of stories and have met plenty of people who have lost 6.5CM shot Elk. Personal opinion on that is poor bullet selection (match/ELDX...
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    NXS 5.5-22 50 -vs- NX8 2.5-20 50 Both SFP

    So I am partial to SFP as I don’t like the size of the reticle changing. No PRS here just a friendly club comp out to 600, sometimes just 300. I also am partial to a true cross hair center sighting point. I really like the NX8 but it has the dot center point. Buying through the mil program...
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    Rainier Ultra Match vs CLE Douglas vs JP 6.5 Grendel Barrel?

    No. It was an add on after building the barrel. It wasn’t on the build a barrel choice until you went to check out. To be clear. Again. I didn’t have a problem paying it. Brought it up to let folks know the prices on web site were actually higher.
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    Grey Ghost Precision Barrel Nut Fitment

    On a Proof CF AR-10 barrel. Barrel was thermally fit to the upper. ID of barrel nut is 1.170ish, and OD of Proof CF 6.5CM Barrel Shank is 1.200. I have the GGP 18” hand guard that barrel came with? Suggestions? Thinking of finding a machine shop to take .004 out of barrel nut. Want a...
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    JP SCS H2 Spring for .224V

    May be a dumb question. I have a JP SCS H2 for a build. Mega upper and lower, head spaced bolt, adjustable gas block and a Barg CLE 224V 22” barrel. Any suggestions on which of the 5 springs to start? Have a spare steel and tungsten weight to tune. Want to push a bit on velocity and not...
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    Rainier Ultra Match vs CLE Douglas vs JP 6.5 Grendel Barrel?

    I am not disappointed. You pay for quality. Times are tough. Good employees are hard to find, supply chain issues, and increased supply chain prices. I will gladly pay for quality.
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    Rainier Ultra Match vs CLE Douglas vs JP 6.5 Grendel Barrel?

    I ordered a Bart .224V from CLE 7/30/22. Came in the mail today. 13 weeks was my real world wait, they quoted 12 weeks when I bought it. Well worth the wait to me. CLE is charging an extra $120 on some barrels. Mine had a $120 tack on when done. It’s probably due to shipping costs and...
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    Dead Air Wolfman

    Looking for my first can. I have a PCC and want to SBR both it and a standard frame for 300BO and 5.56. Looking for one can for both. The Dead Air Wolfman has came out of my research to be an option. It can take sub and supersonic ammo. Any others I am missing? Any negative reviews of the...
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    20” Aero M5 build, have some questions

    Ranier Arms Ultra Match. They have a great guarantee.
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    224 Valkyrie Barrel

    Getting ready to pull the trigger on a Compass Lake custom AR barrel. So I am leaning Bartlien (you only live once, why not build it right), but am stumped on 20” vs 22”. It will not be threaded. So any thoughts on length or the 4 brands that Compass Lake offers? I will get the matching bolt...
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    Primer Shortage

    Natchez still has lots of primers, you just have to be willing to pay the price. Ordering 5K of each at a time cuts hazmat and shipping.
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    Primer Shortage

    All kinds of primers at Natchez right now. Bit pricey, but I also believe it to be the new norm. $96-$126 per 1K, 5K limit. I ordered CCI-41’s.