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  1. Insayn

    Accessories Bunch of stuff

    What reticle is the Nightforce?
  2. Insayn

    Reloading Equipment (200) Lake City .50BMG Brass Casings

    (200) Lake City Brass Casings. Fired from a Barrett M98A1 $225 shipped OBO
  3. Insayn

    Reloading Equipment SOLD (160) WCC .50BMG Brass

    (160) WCC .50BMG brass casings fired from a Barrett M98A1. $SOLD$ Shipped USPS Priority
  4. Insayn

    Reloading Equipment SOLD(150) Hornady 50 BMG Brass 1X Fired

    (150) Hornady 50 BMG casings 1X Fired from a Barrett M98A1. They were loaded as Amax. $SOLD$ Shipped USPS Priority
  5. Insayn

    Accessories Kestrel 5700 sportsman SOLD

    PM Sent....I'll take it.
  6. Insayn

    Accessories SOLD Kestrel with link SOLD

    PM Sent if any decide not to take it
  7. Insayn

    Accessories Crap for sale.

    I’ll take the AI .338 CIP mag
  8. Insayn

    Dillon 650. SOLD

    I’ll take it per our message
  9. Insayn

    Centuriator Is GTG

  10. Insayn

    Centuriator Is GTG

    Dunno, for what?
  11. Insayn

    Centuriator Is GTG

    Bought a Surefire tape switch and am very pleased with the switch, comms and shipping.
  12. Insayn

    WTS: Surefire Tape Switch

    I’ll take it. PM Sent
  13. Insayn

    New Weibad Fortune Cookie $55(SOLD)

    I’ll take it. PM me with payment info.