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  1. Mike

    Rifle Scopes Kahles SKMR vs. SKMR3 reticles

    I've got both (and also the SKMR2) and prefer the 1 TBH, although I am currently shooting the 3.
  2. Mike

    Rifle Scopes Who has shot the new Leica?

    And I mean used it, not just looked through a buddies. Put it through its paces.
  3. Mike

    Accessories New - Accu-Tac BR4 G2

    Is this still available?
  4. Mike


    If mine sells.....
  5. Mike

    Any F1 fans among us?

    Love it. Hate the sound of the new cars but I guess I'll get used to it. Great racing so far.
  6. Mike

    Training Courses A girl looking for a long range course to take

    K&M precision rifle training in Finger, Tennessee. Not only will you see the top facility in the country, but you can also learn from one of the top female PRS shooters in the country. It's a win/win
  7. Mike

    MLB opening day!

    Go royals!
  8. Mike


    No answer to the PM?
  9. Mike


    PM sent
  10. Mike

    World Baseball Classic

    With China and Australia to follow
  11. Mike

    World Baseball Classic

    I believe it's a double elimination tournament.
  12. Mike

    World Baseball Classic

    I'm not sure if ESPN is or not. I record them and MLB was the only channel that had them (so far). But I don't think Pool C and D started yet
  13. Mike

    World Baseball Classic

    Is anyone watching it?
  14. Mike


    Any interest in a Spartan Precision Custom 7 SAUM with spare, matching barrel?
  15. Mike

    2A Call to Action - Alabama

    This will never fly, guaranteed
  16. Mike


    I lived in Quebec for a couple of years. The best way is find a French speaker, and converse with them. Most are very patient and will help with your .accent and, more importantly, your syntax. C'est plus facile.
  17. Mike

    We're BACK !

    Almost feels like home again.
  18. Mike

    308. vs 30/06 accuracy.

    I acquese to your position. I though you were using the aforementioned rifles as the standard and potential of the given rounds. Huge difference.
  19. Mike

    308. vs 30/06 accuracy.

    Service platforms have nothing to do with the potential or accuracy of the rounds in question.
  20. Mike

    Where can I get .260 Remington....Remington brass

    Anywhere on line?