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  1. 317millhand

    SOLD Smith 29-2 and 29-3

    Yes. My apologies
  2. 317millhand

    SOLD Smith 29-2 and 29-3

    Still available
  3. 317millhand

    SOLD NF ATACR 4-16x42 mil c

    Still available
  4. 317millhand

    SOLD Minox ZP5 MR4 Reticle 5-25x56

    I’ll take it
  5. 317millhand

    SOLD Bighorn action wrench

    Action wrench is still available
  6. 317millhand

    Firearms WTB: ARC Mausingfield SA closed top…

    Got one in 6 creed for sale on here. Ky what u asked for, but close
  7. 317millhand

    SOLD Cobray M11A1 380/Lage

    Still available
  8. 317millhand

    Firearms ISO Action - RH short action 308 bolt face

    I have a Mausingfield m5 barreled action in 6 creed I’d sell for $1600. M24 hawk hi barrel with 400 rounds down it
  9. 317millhand

    SOLD Kahles 624i skmr

    The turret knob is easily replaceable on these scopes if the set screw is a show stopper for anyone. No springs or small parts come off when you pull off a turret cover on these. The set screw is only tapped into the knob portion that comes off with one screw on the side. Does not go into the...
  10. 317millhand

    SOLD Kahles 624i skmr

    Still available
  11. 317millhand

    WTB Minox ZP5 with MR4

    Ive got one for sale On here
  12. 317millhand

    SOLD Cobray M11A1 380/Lage

    Factory mags are. But the shockwave mags will work with both. And this is a large mag well m11a1, which is more desireable for conversions such as this. With a small mag well m11a1, you are stuck with 380 only
  13. 317millhand

    SOLD WTS: 30 cal Barnes ttsx 130gr

    Everything is sold but the Barnes
  14. 317millhand

    SOLD Cobray M11A1 380/Lage

    Better pics added. Buyer flaked out
  15. 317millhand

    SOLD Kahles 624i skmr

    Ot It’s a tough paint and can be removed. But honestly it may be easier to just paint back over it
  16. 317millhand

    SOLD Cobray M11A1 380/Lage

    Includes 4 shockwave zmags. This is the last machine gun from my collection, so everything I have left that’s Mac related will go with it