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  1. FollowThrough10

    Night Vision WTS Armasight CO-X Gen 3 Clip On

    Selling my CO-X Gen 3 Clip on due to picking up a new sponsor who has provided me with gear to run for crushing coyotes this year. Great little unit, punches way way above its price, and paired with a good IR illuminator, Ive dropped coyotes and pigs past 500yds. No issues with the unit...
  2. FollowThrough10

    Night Vision WTS PVS-27. SOLD

    PM incoming (Offer included)
  3. FollowThrough10

    Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical

    I shoot professionally for Kelbly's, I am not involved with the business side of things other than marketing the products and a little R&D when they ask us for it, granted Ian and I do talk on just about a weekly basis. Just to be clear, all of the TACTICAL actions are stainless, not all of the...
  4. FollowThrough10

    Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical

    Firstly, yes, there have been conversations regarding stopping production of the Black Bear due to the success of the Prometheus and newer variants of the Atlas that are coming. It hasn't been decided when, but there are plans to discontinue it. Secondly, other than the Panda's, ALL of our...
  5. FollowThrough10

    Accessories FS: GSP ear pro, Aero quad-rail (7")

    PM Sent, consider the Mod bridge SPF
  6. FollowThrough10

    WTB WTB 35 mm Rings

    I've got a set of Hawkins Heavy Tac rings in 35 that I have no use for. PM me and I'll shoot you a good deal. They're brand new.
  7. FollowThrough10

    SOLD Berger 85.5 hybrid bullets

    I've got 112's that I'd be willing to trade
  8. FollowThrough10

    Firearms WTB Kelblys short action

    @bodhisafa, I've got one right hand 308 bolt face Black Bear in stock if you're still looking. I may have a Prometheus as well depending on if this dingus customer wants to pay his bill.... Or... I've got a full rig built on a Black Bear (One of my shops production rifles) for sale as well...
  9. FollowThrough10

    Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical

    Absolutely buddy. Just a word to the wise, order it with the flat bolt face just to make things easier on you. 🤙🏼
  10. FollowThrough10

    Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical

    @bbhank That's the standard cheek piece that comes with the MCS Compact stock...
  11. FollowThrough10

    Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical

    Glad to see guys keeping this thread going 🤙🏼