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    Does anyone have the used primer

    Maybe have someone with a 3D printer make you either dummy rounds or a plastic primer. Finally a market for spent primers. Lol
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    What brand was the markers you talked about in your podcast that you are marking brass with now? I remember you mentioned that it didn’t come off as easy when tumbled. Thanks, Dave
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    CCI 450's @ MIDWAY

    Haha. Right. Can’t wait till the Credit Card companies put us on a list and they get to decide how much or if we can buy.
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    Gunsmithing Where are the cerakote gurus?

    I had a similar setup when doing powder coating. The powder coat would have fisheyes and the cause was contaminated media slightly embedded in the metal or contaminated air blasting on the surface. It was a pain to resolve because the air line, all the media and inside the cabinet was...
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    Gunsmithing Where are the cerakote gurus?

    What type of air filtration do you have on your blast and spray setup? Oil and water contamination from the compressor can be hard and expensive to get rid of.
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    Impact Precision pre-fit issue

    My first custom gun was a 308 and had a similar issue. I was told by the smith that the reamer was worn a little and made the freebore very short. Only cheap surplus ammo would chamber so I sent it back and they fixed it. Shoots excellent now.
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    Bergara vs a Voodoo or Zermatt

    I have 2 vudoos and my buddy has a vudoo and a b14. B14 doesn’t give up much if any in the accuracy department. Custom rig you get the stock chassis you want but the b14 shoots very well and if it doesn’t then get an IBI or shilen and you’ll be set. But your not saving a lot if you plan on...
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    223Ai Best loads

    I’m running 24.0 8208 with a 75vld Berger at 2920 ish with a 1-8 26”. It’s a wylde and not a ai but should be similar.
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    300 Norma Mag

    Sorry for the crap post. But for some reason I can’t view the entire thread without posting.
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    Sourcing a Vudoo or similar

    Altus has some too. I have an 18” kukri and really like it.
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    Sourcing a Vudoo or similar

    Yep. Pretty sure Rick has both 90&60deg in stock.
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    Accessories Dead Air QD mounts 1/2 & 5/8

    Sorry they are all gone. Thanks for looking.
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    Accessories AICS Chassis FS

    Sold thanks to the hide!
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    Accessories AICS Chassis FS

    Chassis is in great shape and will come with all the accessories in the pic, low profile anarchy cheek piece and RRS arca adapter. $1,400.00 Thanks for looking, Dave
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    Static is making me crazy!!!

    Bottom side facing the pan was giving me fits. May not be your issue but do you have the factory cover to try?
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    Hoplite Arms

    This is better than Yellowstone at this point. Lol This would make a great documentary. Honestly should start rough drafting a book. Could recoup some loss.
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    Static is making me crazy!!!

    When I first had mine I used the factory top piece and never had any issues. After buying the clear 419 unit I had massive static issues. Used dryer sheets and glass cleaner on it and got it to function normally. I have a video somewhere that if the factory top was on it would read 0 but as...
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    Impact 737r firing pin spring weight?

    Doubt Impact is speccing exotic alloys for spring material. Change in modulus between carbon spring materials would be minimal.
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    Impact 737r firing pin spring weight? Enter dimensions and it’ll give you the info you want.
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    Optics question

    Vortex is 25 mil total elevation and Athlon is 29. 4 mil is that huge of a difference as it’s only 2 mil off center.