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  1. JBM_DC

    Which Cartridge for the 7mm 180gr ELD-M?

    I had my Sako TRG Chambered in 7RM with a 1:7 Rock barrel at 27" and the thing shoots like a dream. During load workup I was able to get over 3k fps with the 180s on a fresh barrel. I never saw much in the way of ejector marks or extractor swipes on the brass. Only thing I noticed was a...
  2. JBM_DC

    338 Edge in 3.715 mag??

    I am running a 338 RUM inside my magazines at about 3.75" (Sako) and it still isn't enough length. I would prefer to seat the bullets further. It still shoots lights out, but at the cost of less case capacity / velocity.
  3. JBM_DC

    Help with barrel length 338lm

    My 338 is 26.5" but at my elevation it could use the extra barrel length and speed if consistently shooting a mile. I have been playing with the idea of chopping it down to 20" for the hell of it though.
  4. JBM_DC

    Rifle Scopes Kahles 624i on a 50 MOA base

    Had one on a 45 MOA rail and had enough room left in the scope for an extra 5 MOA.
  5. JBM_DC

    Sako TRG / TRG-S M995 Thread **Sticky??**

    I have one of the early models and love it. The only downside I can think of is the added weight. My folding stock takes tools to adjust, but I believe they are 100% tool less adjustable now days. They may have also reduced the bulk and weight on them as well. Lock up is solid.
  6. JBM_DC

    Chronograph or kestral?

    I agree with this 100% If you do not know anyone that will let you borrow a chronograph then you need to make new friends. Also purchase a chronograph. After the chronograph situation is sorted out then you should think about a Kestrel.
  7. JBM_DC

    Remington Sendero 7 Mag - LEMON!!!!

    I am very hesitant to buy factory rifles from companies like Savage and Remington due to the number of issues I have had and seen in person over the last decade. I hope they fix their QC and CS issues, but I highly doubt anything changes for the better.
  8. JBM_DC

    Accuracy International AIAC "Accuracy Competition" Rifle (Design Concept)

    So you are saying that it won't fit an AX because it is not on an actual AX rifle?
  9. JBM_DC

    Accuracy International AIAC "Accuracy Competition" Rifle (Design Concept)

    These are not my photos, but for those of you AI PRS shooting guys this may be right up your alley. No modifications and bolts directly to the rifle. There are not a ton of these available, but last I heard there were a handful left. There will be more after the first batch is sold. I do...
  10. JBM_DC

    New bling from KRG

    I am not asking about compatibility with your chassis. Will this fit the factory TRG to replace the rear section as your folder does? Just asking for a little clarification. Thanks
  11. JBM_DC

    Tubb Adaptive Target Rifle

    This rifle is way above my price range or what I am comfortable spending. However, once my friend receives his, or if he ever takes me to David's place to shoot, I would love to try one out. If this rifle is everything David has me convinced it is then I may sell off my match rifle and elr...
  12. JBM_DC

    Getting into ELR

    This is a very good question and should be the basis of your decision. For me I only have access to 2000 yards so 7RM and 338 RUM will work for me. If I had further to shoot I would have gone larger.
  13. JBM_DC

    New bling from KRG

    Love it! I may pick one up to play with on my match rifle. Been looking to change things up and prefer traditional stocks. This will also complement my TRG as well! Any plans to make a butt stock section like this for my TRG?
  14. JBM_DC

    What could cause my dope to be off?

    Just shoot with an open mind and dont try to force anything to happen. Hopefully you will be able to see your misses and make subtle adjustments. GL at your match!
  15. JBM_DC

    What could cause my dope to be off?

    I still wouldn't adjust my velocity and never have needed to. I always play with the BC first, but there are many more variable that dictate elevation changes in a ballistic curve than just BC and Velocity. Though for those without a chronograph truing dope is a helpful tool.
  16. JBM_DC

    What could cause my dope to be off?

    If you are 100% sure on your velocity I am not a big fan of adjusting it in a program to match what you are seeing down range. Especially only at 433 yards. Something else could be going on here. Where you shooting in a STRONG cross wind?
  17. JBM_DC

    What could cause my dope to be off?

    So this thread lacks a ton of information. A few things that come to mind. Check to make sure you have your scope height entered correctly. Dope at 400 yards really should not change much at all. Does your scope track properly? What scope are you using? Check to make sure everything on your...
  18. JBM_DC

    Getting into ELR

    I have thought of what you are saying, I think I need to chop my 338 down to 20"
  19. JBM_DC

    What types of groups are good shooters getting with .308 winchester at 100 yards?

    I really don't know anything about the SSG3000, but when I had a factory 700 in an XLR chassis it would perform about the same as you are seeing. I would assume your rifle would be of higher quality and able to do better. The main things that helped me that you haven't already mentioned were...
  20. JBM_DC

    What types of groups are good shooters getting with .308 winchester at 100 yards?

    I am sorry, but this made me laugh pretty hard. Choked on my coffee. I'll second everything Morgan said. 3 rounds at 100 to confirm and the rest to practice beyond that distance. I will stick to my .22lr for shooting groups. "I'll be fine, don't worry" Too funny!