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    Middle Georgia guys

    I hate I'm going to miss this one. David and I will be in OK for the club series and would be there if it wasn't for that. This is just a fun match with just a buch of great guys. Good luck to all.
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    Rifle Scopes Two new March scopes

    I checked them out at the finale as well. All I'm gonna say is I will be having a few of these. Being able to talk to Ian there at the finale helped seal the deal for me. He was awesome to talk to and was glad I had the chance to meet him in person. Not to mention they donated two scopes to the...
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    Hunting & Fishing Head Shot Wednesdays

    I don't have very many. I'll have to dig some old ones out. This is a good start 300wm 210vld 2950 347yds looking in the wrong direction lol !!! .
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    My new SAC 6mm Creedmoor!

    That's a slick lookin build!!! Congrats Clay!!! Now get out there and give us a range report.
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    6XC from APA kicks A$$ !!!

    Here are the specs for anybody wondering Defiance Rebel action McMillan A-5a 75-25% od-blk Broughton 5.75 contour 1 in 8tw cut to 26" Huber 2 stage trigger set at 2# APA lil bastard brake APA RTG bottom metal APA 34mm rings All the work was done by Jered owner of APA. I can't say enough about...
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    6XC from APA kicks A$$ !!!

    I have mostly been shooting precision rifle type matches in the PRS series and some local tactical / sniper challenges. I have never shot any type of match where it is only on paper. All the matches I've shot is mostly on steel and maybe a couple stages where they will have some type of dot or...
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    6XC from APA kicks A$$ !!!

    I can tell you one thing, my dumbass had to scramble on the last stage when I got out of order on the target sequence. Probably only one target separated us over the whole day. If Jim is there you had better bring your A-game! As always Jim its a pleasure shooting with you and all the guys that...
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    6XC from APA kicks A$$ !!!

    Well, the 6XC did not disappoint !!! I was able to get another win with it today. I wish I would have taken a pic of the 3" dots at 300yds. First shot was 1" from center, corrected for wind and center punched the next 3 and 1-2" bonus shot. The gun shot like a house on fire!!! There isn't any...
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    6XC from APA kicks A$$ !!!

    Thanks for all the great comments. I was able to get some good dope out to 700yds in 100yd increments. It's pretty nice to be able to get to 700yds with only 3.5mils! Jered sure knows how to put the magic in a rifle. I'm pretty lucky he's only 1:45min from my house. This rifle is so well...
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    Which muzzle brake and why?

    APA little bastard all the way. Everybody else just want to copy but can't. There's a lot more going on in his design than just ports.
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    6XC from APA kicks A$$ !!!

    I have to give a shout out to Jered at APA for putting my new 6XC tube on. He did the original build in 260 and it shot lights out! So I headed up to his shop mid day just to drop it off. We talked for a little while and shot the crap just about everything. It started getting a little late...
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    Need true G7 data for 6.5 140 hybrid

    Anybody have any true g7 data on the b.c. of what is on the label?
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    AR with Kreiger Barrel Maker ???

    Re: AR with Kreiger Barrel Maker ??? I know Lancer systems makes a super comp with a Kreiger. I don't know if this is who your lookin for.
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    The APA PARAGON destruction video series

    Re: The APA PARAGON destruction video series I know what the intended purpose of this test is but Damn it !!! It's a crying shame that you have to F@&K up a perfectly good gun. When you get done with testing you need to have a memorial service for it. I think you need to run like a 100-150...
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    K&M TEAM Precision Rifle Comp - RESULTS/PICS/VIDEO

    Re: K&M TEAM Precision Rifle Competition 7-9 FEB (FL) Team S.W.A.G in da House!!!
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    Hunting & Fishing Alberta wolf and whitetail

    Re: Alberta wolf and whitetail Congrats! Both are booners for sure!
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    Baddest A** Scope Rings?

    Re: Baddest A** Scope Rings? Jered has the strongest set that I know of APA. I don't know anybody else that has picked up the ass end of a Toyota 4-runner with there rings. He has a YouTube video demonstrating how badass his rings really are.
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    Hunting & Fishing My 8yo sons IL youth hunt (Graphic!!!) details in!

    Re: My 8yo sons IL youth hunt (Graphic!!!) If you see the little tuff of hair ruffled on his shoulder just to the left of the scope, that's the slug sitting there
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    Rifle Scopes A Huge Thanks to Lazy21!!!!!! [pics are up]

    Re: A Huge Thanks to Lazy21!!!!!! APA's new rings, I ended up with 34mm with 1.12 height. He showed me a YouTube video with him picking up the ass end of a Toyota 4runner with a mock action, base, and a mock scope that were all made of steal. His rings are aluminum and lock up tight as hell...
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    Hunting & Fishing My 8yo sons IL youth hunt (Graphic!!!) details in!

    Re: My 8yo sons IL youth hunt (Graphic!!!) Alright, I just put all the details of the hunt up in the top post. Once again thanks for all the kind words. I don't know if you can tell or not, but I am one proud Dad!