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    One Tripod To Rule Them All

    You might want to look at the manfrotto 055 Carbon Fiber with their XPRO head. unbelievably light, incredibly sturdy and the XPRO head gives you super-fine adjustment capabilities. Not cheap but my sniper buddies swear by them for spotting.
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    That's really nice. Who's stock is that?
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    What is your favorite folding knife?

    My outdoor folders are either an XM-18 3.5" or one of my ZeroTolerance knives. Most of the ZT Hinderer collaborations are pretty bulletproof like the originals. Their knives are overbuilt and they use good steel. I also have a couple of Striders for hard use, one SnG and one SMF. Very tough...
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    Rifle Scopes Nightforce SHV?

    Just got an SHV for my Rem 700 SPS AAC-SD. It's wearing a Bell & Carlson hunting stock right now, and for what I'm looking to use it for, the SHV fits just great. I want to be able to hunt in very low light, so the large objective and lit center reticle are ideal, and I also want to be able to...
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    Rifle Scopes Is Glass quality Bullsh*t? Or is it me?

    I've been contemplating the same question lately, but from a different viewpoint. What I've been trying to figure out is, why are my ACOGs so much brighter and clearer than, say, my Leupolds and Nikons? Another one that I just purchased is a Nightforce SHV, and it has the same "pop" quality to...
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    Movie Theater Son's of Guns...

    My understanding is there are new allegations, now from his youngest daughter. I don't think these are going away. Also read that the show was canceled in the last 24 hours. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gunsmithing WTF is wrong with my trigger?

    And with a 510 (guessing that's what you're using), certainly not unheard of. Once you find that to be the problem, do some measuring of the inlet vs. the trigger housing/safety arm. I'll bet you'll find the issue pretty quick. Quick hit with a sanding block or Dremel will fix it (on the stock...
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    Gunsmithing Timney Calvin Elite Trigger for Remmy 700????

    If one of you folks would like to offset the price of your CE, just send me a PM... I'll buy your 510 at a reasonable price. :-)
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    Rifle Scopes Nightforce SHV. Anyone try this yet?

    I'm about to buy one for my precision rig, and here are my reasons: 1. My rig is a .308 Model 700, with the AAC-SD barrel (18", threaded, 1:10 twist). It's a medium-range setup, 1000 yards and under. As such, a medium-range scope is appropriate. I don't need the Hubble telescope with a...
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    Rifle Scopes Turret Interchangeability On Leupold Scopes?

    Does anyone on here know if turrets can be added to Leupold scopes that don't have exposed turrets? I really like some of the VX-R scopes and would like to use one on my mid-range rifle (.308, for 800 yards and under), but I want one with tactical or target turrets on it. I really like the...
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    Rifle Scopes Need Suggestions: Anybody Seen This Scope?

    I need the collective wisdom of the Hide on this one. I'm looking for the right scope to put on my Rem 700 SPS .308 AAC-SD build, which is to be a rifle for hunting and for long-range shooting to 800 yards or so, maybe 1000 yards tops. So far it's going to have a Bell and Carlson Stock, a KRG...
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    Range Report Best-Accuracy Bullet Weight For .308 1in10 20" Barrel?

    Okay, thank you all for the responses! Looks like the consensus is the 165-180gr range, which is just fine by me. I'm going to get this thing restocked, bedded, and retriggered and see what it does with factory while I work up some loads in that range. I agree it should shoot well; I've seen...
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    Range Report Best-Accuracy Bullet Weight For .308 1in10 20" Barrel?

    I have a Remington 700 SPS .308 AAC-SD that I'm going to do a build with, and I'm looking for data on accuracy with its 1 in 10 twist rate and the more common bullet weights. My experience so far has been interesting, all with factory ammo and all with the ridiculously-bad Hogue OEM stock (it...
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    B&C 1000 With Surgeon Bottom Metal Inletting?

    So I recently had a Rem 700 .308 SPS AAC-SD drop into my lap, and I've decided to do a medium-to-1000yd rifle project. Going to sell the factory Hogue stock (what was Remington thinking? You couldn't shoot balloons at the fair with this thing), and would like to sit this into a Bell and...
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    Rifle Scopes Trijicon VS Leupold VX-R For SASS

    I like the VX-R's, I have a few of them, both the standard and Patrol versions. Excellent glass and the firedot is very helpful in low light. I'd think the 3-9x40 would be the most you'd need, and you could probably get away with the 1.25-4xwhateveritis too. Good luck!
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    Rifle Scopes Hybrid Tactical / Hunting Scope

    You might want to look at a Leupold VX-R scope for dual-purpose, maybe the Patrol variation of it. Gives you the adjustability for tactical situations, the 1 MOA firedot for low light, plus really good glass for both purposes. The 3-9x40 Patrol should do what you're looking for, and you can...
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    Gunsmithing AR SBR engraving

    +1 for Ident Marking Services. They've done my SBR lowers. They do a first-class job, and they're really wonderful people to boot. Good turnaround time and prices as well. I had mine marked alongside the trigger, in the top of the trigger guard; they have several examples of that and other...
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    Stupid Rem 700 accuracy question

    I had the exact same thing, with the exact same rifle, only I was using Federal Match 168-grain ammo. The issue turned out to be twofold: first, the recoil lug needed to be bedded, which was a pretty simple process. More importantly, the Hogue stock had a free-floating issue: it wasn't. Had...