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  1. Bugaboo

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Victorinox Multitool - Service experience

    So, after 12 or more years of pretty rough use I finally sent my Victorinox Multitool for repair. I've read about the lifetime warranty and hoped it would cover even my MT. But I knew I have destroyed 3 of the tools by using them for purposes expressly prohibited in the user's instructions -...
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    Bullet weight variation

    Lapua ScenarL 175gr OTM Randomly selected bullets give me from 174.3 to 174.5, so within .2gr, but below the nominal weight. Is that normal?
  3. Bugaboo

    Bullet weight variation

    A newbie question: What would be considered an acceptable variation in weight for a high quality .308 175gr bullet? I have no idea... Thanks for all replies.
  4. Bugaboo

    Pics of where you shoot

    100m Match The 1000-m line is just below the horizon. I guess in Europe 1000-m ranges for civilians are not in abundance.
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    New lapua Scenar-L .308 Win 175gr bullets - any experience?

    My longest shots at matches are right there at 1000m (1100 yards), in Europe for civilians it is an exception. I can't complain about the 155gr Scenars, up to 800m it's doing great. I heard the U.S. military chose 175gr bullets for their 7.62x51 NATO sniper ammo... is it true? What was the reason?
  6. Bugaboo

    New lapua Scenar-L .308 Win 175gr bullets - any experience?

    I shot the Scenars 155gr at app. 2800 fps, made by a guy I know and its great. Now I want to start reloading myself and want to know, if the 175gr would be better.
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    New lapua Scenar-L .308 Win 175gr bullets - any experience?

    Just to clarify: i have a 26" 1:11 barrel. Thank all for the advices.
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    New lapua Scenar-L .308 Win 175gr bullets - any experience?

    I am brand new to reloading, so have patience, please. I found this bullet on offer and had it recommended to me by some people, but decided to run it through here. I want a load for 1000m matches. I shoot Sako TRG 22 1:11 standard barrel. Is this bullet a good choice over a 155gr...
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    Bolt Manipulation

    Excellent! Another thing: it is on Norwegian TV and people come to watch and cheer, the atmosphere is wonderful.
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    Pelican vs pelican storm: VOTE

    Storm... I always transport my rifle in it to the range. I don't abuse the case on purpose but on the other hand I don't pamper it. Still works fine.
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    Brno Model 4 - looking for ideas

    Our Army recently went through its armories, found few Model 4's and decided to sell them. One of them went home with me. It's a '56 vintage in a nice condition, the stock is a little battered and the rifle has no iron sights but it will get a scope anyway. Here are pics of the little girl...
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    Sako TRG 22 Expected Accuracy?

    Cold-bore shot at 300m with 168gr Remington Premier I can't do this every time, but the rifle can.
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    precision rifles... show em

    It is simply a stripe made of carbon-fiber material and attaches to the barrel with Velcro. Quick Google session brought this: SS/Anti-mirage band :: STAR SHOOTER The one I have seen at the match looked a bit different, but the idea is the same.
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    precision rifles... show em

    Is this picture from this Saturday? You did pretty well, considering the conditions. Nice stick, too. I have the SAKO mirage band and it is OK, but Lukas is right, the heat passes through. Guy next to me this Saturday had a carbon-fiber band, a bit complicated for transport, but works very well.
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    Member Link Up European SH members UNITE!

    Saturday, the first 1000m Match this year. There was no snow, but it was really cold and the wind was playing with us.
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    My SSG 04

    Re: My SSG 04 The place is near Senica, guys from Wiena say it is easy and short drive. The best thing is it is not a normal shooting range. It is in a military area, so the setting is an open country. Here is a link to their web-page: Check the photos, you can see the...
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    My SSG 04

    Re: My SSG 04 Nice rifle and the scope is fantastic. Are there any interesting competitions in Austria? I go to Slovakei, we shoot up to 1000 m. Some guys from Wiena usually show up... it would be good to have more people.
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    Rifle Scopes USO SN3 Reticle/EREK Knob config.

    Re: USO SN3 Reticle/EREK Knob config. You definitely should have reticle and turrets with matching units. Whether MOA or MIL is up to you and I would take the units of measure, you are using, into consideration, e.g. if you are using imperial units, MOA probably makes more sense, OTOH if you...
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    Chris Kyle former seal murdered

    Re: Chris Kyle former seal murdered R.I.P.
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    Kestrel products discussion thread / Horus Kestrel

    Re: Kestrel products discussion thread / Horus Kestrel Like I wrote, I already figured it out - the "drop-truing" feature disappeared when I entered the second MV value and it just surprised me. I quickly realized its two ways to achieve the same. But when "drop-truing" it took some time for...