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  1. Vodoun daVinci

    Neither fit to serve as president.

    My Wife hates Trump because he's a pathological liar and gropes women or relegates them to only being valuable to having their pussies grabbed. She thinks Biden is a joke but she'll vote for him to keep a pathological liar, cheater, and misogynist on the back burner. This Republic has degraded...
  2. Vodoun daVinci

    Tulsi changes her tune?

    I'd love to see that...and ranked choice voting as long as I'm wishing but I'm pretty sure that'll not happen in this Republic. The rot is too deep and The Game rigged by The Oligarchy to liquidate Americas Wealth and get it into the pockets of the .01%. I have yet to see a viable Plan to stop...
  3. Vodoun daVinci

    Tulsi changes her tune?

    America needs to break the back of our Two Party System which is responsible for the failure of the Republic. I'm not a fan of Tulsi but if she runs as an Independent she has a fair shot of getting my vote. We need more/choices that are not Reds or Blues. VooDoo
  4. Vodoun daVinci

    Mike Pence Says Crumbling Cities ‘Not My Concern’ as He Calls for More Aid to Ukraine

    ....not like Pence has a prayer of becoming President so pretty much anything he says, does, or believes is yadda yadda. VooDoo
  5. Vodoun daVinci

    Well this is awkward

    Jesus...what a shit show. VooDoo
  6. Vodoun daVinci

    Sound of Freedom - Movie that'll hopefully take down the elites and CIA's Pedo Industry

    The thing that boggles my mind is that we needed to see a movie like this to know this has been going on for decades at a huge level and perpetrated by people of power and influence in high places. How could people not know this? The Cathodic Church has protected pedophiles for centuries among...
  7. Vodoun daVinci

    No camera footage?

    There is *NO WAY* there is not video of the area where the cocaine was found 24/7. In The White House? No one got in there without a camera seeing it. No Way. VooDoo
  8. Vodoun daVinci

    Observations - "The Great Reset"

    The other side of this is that we desperately need a "reset"...maybe not the kind you or I want but someone needs to hit the "Reset" button and reboot. Too much shit/too many things/technologies have changed drastically in just the last 20 years to "roll it all back" to the "good old days. We as...
  9. Vodoun daVinci

    Scumbags release Leslie Van Houten

    I'd blame the Judge who sentenced her - should have been "Life with the possibility of Parole". If someone is sentenced without that caveat I think it is assumed that they will eventually qualify for parole. It's the Judges fault. VooDoo
  10. Vodoun daVinci

    David Hogg goes to the range

    Most people I know believe that they are right and know what's best for everyone, all the time, anywhere. My biggest concern is that some folks do not understand the concept of the Constitution - this is a Nation/Republic with a written guideline of what can not be taken from me/controlled...
  11. Vodoun daVinci

    How many mags per weapon...

    Maybe. I'll be dead before I wear out or break enough stuff to screw me over.....for guys that shoot a lot they should probably have extras. I don't shoot enough anymore to justify leaving more magazines to my Nephews in the next 20 - 30 years. VooDoo
  12. Vodoun daVinci

    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Rats-in-a-Blanket.....They do look fabulously yummy. VooDoo
  13. Vodoun daVinci

    French Citizens have had Enough?

    Of course The Mayor says it's not happening - if he admits he knows it's happening then people will want him to *DO* something about it or identify the Brigade Members to the media. VooDoo
  14. Vodoun daVinci

    PRS Talk M-Lok Weights I used these. Good stuff. VooDoo
  15. Vodoun daVinci

    Teaching kids to shoot

    Eye Dominance follows Brain Dominance so if she's right eye dominant start her with a right handed bow/long guns. Fucking with eye dominance/retraining can make serious problems for some people's learning and retention and perception. VooDoo
  16. Vodoun daVinci

    How many mags per weapon...

    Handguns I keep 3 mags for. Semi auto rifles I keep 7 mags for. Not sure I need more than I can carry or run with but was told once that we never really own anything we can't carry. It's just more stuff to leave behind. VooDoo
  17. Vodoun daVinci

    UPS about to go on strike? Request other shippers

    Having run my own business over 20 years (over 20 years ago...) it absolutely floors me that no one remembers that it takes team effort to make a business go/grow. For some fucked up reason, management is the 21st century has decided all the guys driving the trucks and doing the work are fucking...
  18. Vodoun daVinci

    Anyone familiar with GunMagWarehouse

    Two thumbs up from me on Gunmag Warehouse. Best prices and everything seems to be in stock and shipped fast. Bought lots of stuff from them. VooDoo
  19. Vodoun daVinci

    Good laugh

    Opinion usually depends upon experience and perspective as well as price and specific controls/functionality. Does the coworker have any relevant experience to qualify his opinion or is he just conjecturing? I just went to S & B's site and noticed they now have (brand new) a 10-60X56 FFP scope...
  20. Vodoun daVinci

    Feeling Old?

    Got no achy joints nor disfunctions yet at 67.....was at the end of my 2 mile brisk morning walk here a couple weeks ago and tripped and fell in the street. Felt up, crossed the street and suddenly couldn't catch my breath and was blacking out. Been knocked out plenty of times...