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    SOLD GAP PPR, Razor HDII, Cal Atlas, Hornady Match ammo- package deal

    I need one of these in my life. Great price.
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    16” 308 1:8 twist groups open up with suppressor

    Manners elite Tactical PRS2 with mini chassis
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    16” 308 1:8 twist groups open up with suppressor

    I will check that but it’s in a manners elite prs2 mini chassis stock. There is a pretty large gap but it could be possible.
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    16” 308 1:8 twist groups open up with suppressor

    I have a Cadex action with a 16” 1:8 twist CF barrel in 308 from Proof Research with a socom muzzle brake. I took it out yesterday and shot Barnes 168 gr ttsx bt and hornaday precision hunter 178 gr eldx. With out the suppressor the rifle shot tight groups (touching). Once I installed my...
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    Banish 30 Suppressor

    My experience with Silencer Central has been good I have 5 cans purchased through them some their brand some others. Process has been simple, convienent and quick. They have always answered my questions ( I have my salesman's cell number) but I have only been dealing with them for the last 2...
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    Best paint for sponge on camo pattern?

    I have a manners stock I'm thinking about adding to is there anything I would need to do different for the carbon fiber?
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    Has anyone fully built out a Prodigy 2011 yet?

    I definitely see the logic if you are buying brand new for a few hundred more and you have the Staccato P. Interested in how your reworked Prodigy comes out for the right price could be worth it.
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    Cadex Defence, flaunt it if you've got it!

    Got this one last year. Only been able to take her out a few times.
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    AR 10 Feeding Issue

    Thank you for the feedback. It is the picture as I checked to make sure the gas tube fell in the cut out as I had found that in another post.
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    AR 10 Feeding Issue

    I will get the new buffer and Spring coming. Then trouble shoot from there.
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    AR 10 Feeding Issue

    Thanks that’s what the issue is. I guess in I missed that somewhere in buying parts. I just checked the length on the buffer.
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    AR 10 Feeding Issue

    The bolt on my AR 10 build isn’t going back far enough to pick up a round. Aero upper and lower, Wilson Combat BCG and barrel, geissele carbine buffer tube spring and buffer. I have switched buffer springs with a BCM out of another rifle and even another buffer. Still only goes back to a certain...