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    6 dasher brass forming

    I have not used the cow method, but my gunsmith has. He doesn't even use a wad, just keeps the muzzle elevated. The easy way is to get some cheap bullets and jam the hell out of them. As long as closing the bolt finishes seating the bullet I have had no problems. If I wanted to fireform...
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    115 Dtacs with nose ring

    I have had some lots where the bc "dropped" and some lots where the bc was "better." Even before the NR DTACS the bcs were all over the place. Mostly because sierra isn't consistent in their pointing operation. I have had lots that trued from .585 to .635. The most recent lot were nose...
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    115 DTAC Nose Ring G7 BC

    In my experience the bc on dtacs is not consistent lot to lot. Also, the nosering cut is not consistent lot to lot. I have used them since the rbt version came out in 243 Ackley. Many barrels and many thousands of bullets. I buy enough to toast the barrel and true. Sometimes the bc is better...
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    Please Help, chasing bullet lot variation?

    ^^^THIS. If it goes back to shooting call Hornady and ask for a better lot of bullets. Hornady elds aren't garbage, but they aren't premium either.
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    Please Help, chasing bullet lot variation?

    Load development is very over blown. I doubt the different bullet length caused the issue. Probably either a different issue with the bullet (maybe diameter small, or cores are shit with voids, etc) or an issue with gun or optic. I would guess the problem is something wrong with gun (i.e...
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    Magnetospeed Error - Unplugged Bayonett

    I have a sporter. The first one came from the factory with that problem. They replaced it, and the new one has been trouble free since '19.
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    Is clean brass more accurate then dirty brass?

    You have to do what works for you. I will say, for others reading,, I stopped cleaning primer pockets before I ever owned a gun chambered in 6 Dasher. I have a hard time finding something that is NOT better than .3, and that is off a bipod and rear bag. I went through a period where I tried...
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    **Help new reloader ** Binding case with Forester sizing die 6.5 creedmoor

    I have used just about every case lube out there. If I only shot 250 rounds a year and loved reloading as a hobby, imperial sizing wax is it. This used to be me. Once I started shooting matches, reloading became a chore. Then my wife started shooting. Then my two daughters. Now it is a...
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    PRS Talk Vapor trail or Barts bullets

    I think for the most part it is the wait and lack of available info on bc or drag models. Also, no marketing. Most probably don't even know of their existence. Lastly, Bergers are good enough to shoot 1/4 moa at close range easily. I doubt many people can tell the difference from shooting in...
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    NRL Hunter LRF Question

    I'm not very serious about nrl hunter, but I have shot a few matches with separate binos and rangefinder around my neck. I have shot fairly well and not timed out much. The first day of my first match was a shitshow. After that, I realized that I needed naked eye landmarks for every target...
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    Question: Will a small base die increase speed, and will neck turning affect speed?

    Measure .200 line of sized brass and fired brass. Sized brass should be at least a full .001 smaller than fired brass. Preferably .002 smaller especially when measuring with calipers. (Makes you question is .001 actually .0014 or .0006. Not to mention tool accuracy and measurement error)...
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    XTR II good deal?

    I bought one right after they were released for around $925. I know the weren't $1600 because at that time I would have had to give up 2 meals a day for 3 months to afford a $1600 scope.
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    XTR II good deal?

    I have an old 8 mil 4-20. I dropped it when I slipped on ice hunting. It had to go back for repair, and I took the opportunity to complain about the iq. It came back better than my buddy's razor gen2 except for the ca. He was pissed when we were shooting through some pea soup mirage, and I...
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    Rifle Scopes Any experience with the Razor LHT 4.5-22? Vs Burris HD 5-25

    I have the 4.5-22 lht. It has been an alright scope. I feel like the intent was to replace the amg. The glass is as good or better and so far the reliability is better. The turrets feel like shit, but are usable. I also don't love the illumination set-up but it works. I have several burris...
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    Do the pros use stainless steel pin/wet tumble or Dry Tumble?

    I could see no pins being okay with a good way and time to dry brass. I don't have to listen to the tumbler. It is in the basement away from everything, and I am half deaf. Does getting rid of the pins cure the sticky neck issue?
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    Do the pros use stainless steel pin/wet tumble or Dry Tumble?

    Not scientific method study, but yes, anecdotally. I started off using dirty brass that was never cleaned. I knew very little about reloading. I got sub moa groups and even some good shooting varmint rifles that would shoot half minute to 500 yards. Then I wet tumbled with pins, groups went...
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    Do the pros use stainless steel pin/wet tumble or Dry Tumble?

    Read the Prlimal Rights article on tumbling with rice. There is a link to Amazon. It is a medium grain sushi rice. I only tumble to get the sizing lube off. A lot of times I will put them in before bed and pull them when I wake up. I have used as little as 1 hour before and that was fine as...
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    Savage Kaboom at Local Range

    I used to be an extreme poor, now I'm just a regular poor, so I can afford nice guns if I drive shit vehicles. When I had to shoot Savages, I would epoxy the scope base to the receiver with devcon steel epoxy. They don't come loose without a heat gun if you do it right. Savage makes the...
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    Eric cortina seating depth

    Erik's method for this works. I have tried all the bullshit everyone spews. I learned a method very similar to Erik's when I started reloading almost 20 years ago from Dan Newberry's forum. It worked well for me. When I got into long range shooting and prs matches I thought there were better...
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    If you're dry firing practice is excellent, how come your groups can still be large?

    We know so little it is hard to help. It could be the gun ammo combo will only shoot 2 moa. It could be a combination of shooter error and gun/ammo. If you are serious about shooting small it pays to have quality stuff. Bullets, brass, and barrels are important. You can screw a quality...