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  1. kthomas

    TAC OPS / KMW Collaboration

    You absolutely should. Mike's suppressors are awesome. Love my TacOps suppressor on my X-Ray51.
  2. kthomas

    Any 1911 aficionados here?

    DW's duty finish is solid.
  3. kthomas

    Any 1911 aficionados here?

    I don't think I qualify as an "aficionado", as I only have one 1911. But what I do have is a DW Valor, and hands down it's my favorite handgun. When I was in the market for a 1911 I did a bunch of research, and at the time the DW checked a lot of boxes for quality while being in my price range.
  4. kthomas

    Yeti buys Mystery Ranch

    All the more reason to support Kifaru, or some of the other brands listed here.
  5. kthomas

    NF Unimount vs Seekins MXM?

    Both are assuredly good options. I have a NF unimount for when I turn one of my ar15's into SPR mode, and it works just fine. Quality mount, but no real bells and whistles or the ability to accessorize, if that's your thing.
  6. kthomas

    Suppressors Help Me Choose My Next Can.

    Abel Co Theorem or TBAC Magnus. If you're in Tucson, you can shoot my Abel Co Biscuit (it's a steel can) if you want.
  7. kthomas

    2023 NightForce ELR Challenge

    I'm planning of running a somewhat conservative load with the 220's - probably around 2950ish, so similar to your previous load. The 245's seem like a great projectile. My .300NM barrel is pretty slow, so I don't think I could do that projectile justice. Honestly I'm just looking forward to...
  8. kthomas

    2023 NightForce ELR Challenge

    Just bought some 220 LHRT's and N570 for this comp.
  9. kthomas

    ARC hunting rifle builds

    I actually do this with my Mausingfield. Recently got into hunting, and couldn't justify the expense of building a dedicated hunting rifle. So I bought a KRG Bravo chassis and had my gunsmith spin up an 18# lightweight hunting barrel for it. Here it is in competition mode (~21#): Here it is...
  10. kthomas

    Hearing protection poll

    Pretty much always double protection. Active muffs + plugs. I also pretty much only shoot suppressed these days.
  11. kthomas

    Precision Rifle Gear Without warning- TMB

    It seems like quite the departure from previous designs.
  12. kthomas

    2023 NightForce ELR Challenge

    That's kind of the rub of solids. I don't think they ever shoot as precisely as high quality jacketed bullets, despite them being more uniform.
  13. kthomas

    2023 NightForce ELR Challenge

    The PVA 212's have an insanely impressive BC. That's actually what sparked my curiosity.
  14. kthomas

    2023 NightForce ELR Challenge

    Out of curiosity, does anyone run solids for this comp? Specifically out of a .300NM?
  15. kthomas

    Arc’teryx warranty

    You don't have to do that anymore. It's a US based location that you ship to, if you are shipping from the US.
  16. kthomas

    2023 NightForce ELR Challenge

    Right now I'm loaded up on 230 Bergers, so probably that
  17. kthomas

    2023 NightForce ELR Challenge

    Looks like I'm in, it will be my first time shooting this specific match. Looking forward to it! Will be bringing the .300NM.
  18. kthomas

    Arc’teryx warranty

    I recently sent in a hoodie for Arc'Teryx to repair, as the zipper gave out. Hoodie is at least 6 years old. Experience was great. They repaired for free, and completed the work in about a month in which I got the hoodie back. Absolutely no complaints.
  19. kthomas

    Hornady on tuners.

    I used to do the "Satterlee method" - talk about a complete waste of time. My college statistics teacher would've slapped me. That was a real wake up call, especially given how many "pro" shooters were advocating for that method. Most of the "experts" truly don't know shit - and again, we make...
  20. kthomas

    Hornady on tuners.

    People tend to make pretty good ammo despite our testing, not because of it.