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    Reloading Equipment 7 Rem Mag dies (new)

    300WSM SPF. 7mm Rem Mag still available.
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    Firearms LMT MWS 308 excellent

    This LMT MWS is in excellent condition. Upper chassis is new, just mounted. Barrel is a 16" CL barrel with 200-300 round on it. A Lantac Enhanced BCG is used in the upper. The lower spec: -Geissele SD-E trigger; -Magpul magazine release; -KAC buffer tube/trigger guard; -Sprinco Green...
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    SOLD AICS Long Action R700 Chassis+extras.

    Is the magazine well CIP length?
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    Accessories ERA-TAC 34mm high mount and Kestrel 4500nv

    (1) ERA-TAC 34 mm mount with 20MOA angle, as new condition. 1.73" height. $235 shipped. (2) Kestrel 4500nv, used, in very good condition. $275 shipped.
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    SOLD Berger 300gr Hybrid OTM 338 bullets

    Hornady ELD 285 sold Berger still available
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    SOLD Berger 300gr Hybrid OTM 338 bullets

    Price reduction
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    SOLD NF ATACR 7-35 F1 Mil-XT

    BTT with price reduction
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    SOLD Leupold Mk5HD 7-35x56

    SB scope sold. Leupold still available SPF