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    The "New" Barrett MRAD Thread!!!!!!

    Would you elaborate on your dislike of the SRS magazines, and how the bullpup design would limit you in your use cases?
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    SOLD IDF Kahles ZF-95 M14 Sniper Scope

    I'll take this, per our agreement by PM.
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    SOLD Kahles/Swarovski ZFM 6x42 Vintage Sniper Scope

    I'll take this, per our agreement by PM.
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    SOLD Rare Schmidt & Bender P/M (not PMII) 3-12x50 Military

    I'll take this, per our agreement by PM.
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    Night Vision EoTech ClipIR-XELR Thermal Nylon Caps

    Sent payment for a lens cap, and sent you a PM with shipping details. Thanks.
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    SOLD S&B 3-12X42

    Seconds, if A.Redd doesn't follow through.
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    Mk 13 Mod 0 stock

    Why were there two bolts?
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    SOLD LMT MRP, 20" 5R

    What is your asking price for this rifle? Nevermind, I just noticed it. Sorry about that.
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    I'll take this, per our agreement by Private Message.
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    SOLD Accuracy International AW-50

    What is the barrel length? What is the rifle weight? Are AW-50 barrels quick change or torqued down? Is the receiver rail flat or canted?
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    Accessories GGP Glock 17 Barrel threaded $50

    Per our PM agreement, I'll take this. EDIT: Payment sent.
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    Mk 13 Mod 0 stock

    @crazynoto builds barrels with the correct profile.
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    Optics Schmidt bender DTii msr2

    Is this scope a PMII 5-25x56mm, or a different model?
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    Accessories Anyone have Dealings With Fitter05

    It is Mail Fraud and a Federal offence. File a report with the US Postal Inspectors. They are Federal Law Enforcement. This is a benefit of using USPS Money Orders and mailing them through the US Postal System.
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    SOLD Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 NP-R1

    I'll take the rings, per our PM agreement. Payment sent.
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    Chinese KVC / RQE bridge?

    Ahh yes, "patented" (according to product photo)...just not by them. So unfortunate that the real deal is unavailable.
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    SOLD SOLD NIB KIJI 3 degree with ADM Mount - $650 shipped

    I'll take it. PM sent for payment info.
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    Any Interest in Steyr SSG 69 Aluminum Trig. Guard

    Have you progressed with any plans for an AICS magazine compatible bottom metal?