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    Optics ZCO 527 Scope with MPCT3X Reticle - FOR SALE - NEW

    Bump for a great seller.
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    Optics ZCO 840 Scope with MPCT3X Reticle - FOR SALE - NEW

    Bump for a great seller.
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    223 80g ELDM 28"

    I have a 28” Ackley with .155fb and also a standard 26” 223 with .125fb. Both are 7t. I shoot 85.5s and 90SMKs around 2850fps in the AI and 75/80 ELDs around 2900fps in the regular 223. I’ve had zero issues with the 75s in the .125 chamber. Right around .25 jump. The .155 Ackley is a little too...
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    NF Unimount vs Seekins MXM?

    It’s honestly difficult to make a wrong choice here. Badger (my preference) Reptilia (also my preference) Geissele NF Seekins And probably a half dozen more. Find one that fits your budget/taste and run it.
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    Accuracy International AT-X

    I think he meant ‘T3x inlet’ not ATX.
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    Shit half the dudes on this site have maxed out credit cards and $1k/month truck payments. Ain’t nothing wrong with saving a little cash to spend a little cash even if it takes longer to get what you want.
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    Kelblys atlas tactical ... looking for some advice on a build

    I’m running a Prometheus with a TT Diamond. No issues. Kelbly’s will send you different hangers based on what trigger you decide to run… I somehow ended up with 2 different hangers but I think I’m running the one that came with my action. Under appreciated in the tactical realm but make no...
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    It’s not a one off but it was a very limited run he did. Basically too expensive and labor intensive to make. From what I recall it was essentially 3d printed with Titanium “dust” infused filament (if that’s even a thing), but also required hand fitting and finishing to get the profile correct...
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    Accuracy International AT-XC

    Doing nothing but jacking up the prices on the “old” gens too. I’m here for it.
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    The .223 ATX clone is coming along nicely 😍 OG T3 action 419 20moa rail LRI straight fluted bolt Birdsong Black-T coated Sterk handle and custom AI shroud 😯 Honestly pretty hard to tell the difference (aside from the gold knob) from any more than a couple feet away. With my actual ATX bolt…...
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    Accuracy International AT-XC

    You need one of these little adapter bois: https://lumleyarms.us/M6-M6x1-bolt-knob And a hefty boi: https://www.mcmaster.com/product/60215K64 McMaster-Carr has shit tons of 5/16x24 threaded knobs so if you just want bigger without the weight I’m sure they have something that would work. The...
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    Lets see your 6 ARC build

    Actually 18” - kinda hard to see in the pic with the angle and suppressor cover.
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    Lets see your 6 ARC build

    16” Mk18
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    6.5x47 Lapua

    I run 153.5s right at 2600fps. OCD brass with 37.8gr of 4350. My chamber is .175fb and there’s definitely some room to go higher if you wanted to, I just never saw the need. The current load matches 105s going around 2850fps in wind drift and recoil. Trace is very easy to watch with the larger...
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    80s should be perfect. 88s will be tough. They might stabilize out of the muzzle but you’ll be losing some intrinsic BC at distance. You also need a lot of freebore to get anywhere close to reasonable velocity out of them, so I think just too many things working against them in a factory 223...
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    223 Ackley Improved

    Spreads aren’t great but hard to argue with the groups.
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    Again, I’m saying it’s an issue specific to the TBAC because of its design, where the longer threads bottom out in the blast chamber. I haven’t come across another 22 suppressor with the same issue. I understand that there are differences in 22 thread dimensions.
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    Right, I'm just saying that the issue you had is specific to the TBAC.
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    That is specific to the TBAC takedown FYI. There isn’t really a 1/2x28 standard, and a majority of rimfire pistols use shorter thread lengths. Would have been fine with a different 22 can.