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  1. BCP

    3 KFC......yes KFC, close their doors in Chi-raq.

    He's a legit commercial jet pilot. Also he has his own airplanes including a WW1 biplane.
  2. BCP

    Seeking scope recommendations (w/Mil-Dot reticle)

    Leupold with a TMR reticule, it's a mildot with lines instead of dots.
  3. BCP

    30-06 still relevant?

    Post pic of old 30-06, I like the old beater hunting rifles.
  4. BCP

    Handgaurd on POF P-308

    If it’s held on via the screws on top of the receiver like the old style pof ar10 then you need a pof receiver set in 308. They might not make those handguards anymore either.
  5. BCP

    Judge orders Trump to pay $355MM in "fraud" case.....

    More banana republic bullshit from the Demoncrats and their affirmative action staffed courts.
  6. BCP

    Israelis vs Irish...SAVAGE!

    If you're talking about 9/11 they had a bunch of those guys on watch lists and a bunch of tips about them, they even followed a few around, a flight school called the FBI and told them "hey we have a bunch of Arabs who want to fly planes but don't care about the landing part, it seems...
  7. BCP

    Handgaurd on POF P-308

    Which POF. The older ones mount via screws in the top of the receiver, some newer ones are AR15 compatible.
  8. BCP

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Mark 4HD

    I wish SWFA would hurry the fuck up with a newer version of their 3-9. Or at least fill backorders.
  9. BCP

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell Elite Tactical 4.5-18X

    I'd have bought it for 360 lol good find, would like to get another 3-12 for my AR10. Good scope for a semi auto with the reticule holds and not stupid heavy like every other 2-3lb scope these days.
  10. BCP

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Mark 4HD

    LOL how much you want? That would go good on my 308 AR.
  11. BCP

    Scope Upgrade - Sub $1500

    Are they still made in Japan or is it Phillipines? I know the older Razors were Japan, the 5-20s. Current ones I *think* are assembled here or something.