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  1. godofthunder

    Help deciding caliber

    I would probably go the 6GT route if I was in your shoes. I'm building a 6 ARC because I have so much stuff for it already, but may change it to GT someday.
  2. godofthunder

    Hunting & Fishing Let’s start a coyote thread.

    Got out last weekend and made 5 or 6 stands in the morning. Called one in that a buddy ended up shooting at 6 yards with his .243 Called another one in on the last set that I shot with my 6 ARC and 58gr Vmax at about 20 yards. He just kept coming straight for me looking for the call so put...
  3. godofthunder

    Muzzle Brakes poor form at the range?

    In reality though, who gives a fuck. I mean, I hate brakes and don't use them without a suppressor mounted on them, but if you want to run one then go for it. If someone next to me is using one at the range I'll just leave or find a spot a ways away from them.
  4. godofthunder

    Accessories Benelli M4 Optic Mounts - $60/ea

    I think I have one in stock, and have a bunch more at anodize. PM me if interested in purchasing.
  5. godofthunder

    Rifle Scopes So I bought a “Just As Good”, Burris XTR3

    @redneckbmxer24 do you have any experience with the Steiner T6xi line? Curious how these stack up to those. Wanting to go Steiner but considering the XTR3 instead.
  6. godofthunder


    The cost of everything is insane and I can't imagine having to start out fresh out of school this day in age. Food is expensive, gas is expensive, cars are expensive, clothes are expensive, you name it. Even with a great degree in a good paying field, you're not getting ahead anytime soon...
  7. godofthunder

    Tikka Elite Hybrid Chassis - CTR Mag Compatible

    I replied to your email, but still shooting to ship before the end of the month.
  8. godofthunder

    Rifle Scopes Glassaholic's History of Reviews

    Did i miss the Steiner T6xi vs ATACR or has that not been posted?
  9. godofthunder

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Mark 4HD

    Interesting you mention this. Nebraska a few years ago started allowing anyone to use a crossbow during archery season. There has been no discernable difference in harvest rate compared to before they were allowed. Granted, this is not a destination western state with a lot of public, but...
  10. godofthunder

    New 6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge

    Was going to run into my local scheels and grab some, but just got some loaded 58gr vmax from Druid Hill Armory to try out first.
  11. godofthunder


    Yeah I saw this on a number of groups, then came here and saw it as well.
  12. godofthunder

    SOLD 6.5 CM Proof Prefit, Steel, 18", Origin Action $350

    I'll snag some at home later.
  13. godofthunder

    338 barrel chop for TBAC ultra

    If I'm reading thread specs correct, you could have a 1/2-28 mount bored out for .338 and have the threads recut to 9/16-32. I might even have a bare 17-4 mount around that would work well for it.
  14. godofthunder

    SOLD 6.5 CM Proof Prefit, Steel, 18", Origin Action $350

    6.5 CM Proof Prefit, Steel, 18", Origin Action $350. Med Sporter profile, threaded 5/8-24 with blended thread protector. Cerakoted graphite black. Bought this used, was told less than 200rds down barrel. Bought it as a placeholder while I was waiting on something else and never ended up...
  15. godofthunder

    Precision Rifle Gear Anybody making a bag rider for the ACC Elite?

    I’ll design a 3D printable part if you get me mounting hole and thread information and some other basic info.
  16. godofthunder

    Guy tells a hunting story

    My old neighbor always had stories like this. Here are a few abbreviated versions: "My buddy works for a 3 letter agency you've never heard of and never will. We were at the range and we were shooting a classified pistol that shot bullets at 4600fps and had a 25rd clip. We shot quarter sized...
  17. godofthunder

    Coyote rifle help

    If they have a nice hide I'll skin and have tanned, otherwise leave them where they are or toss them in a ditch. Unfortunately all the ones I've gotten lately have had terrible hides. On topic of the OP - go with 6mm ARC. Mine has been great for coyotes. I just picked up some loaded 58gr...
  18. godofthunder

    Laser Engraving

    Looks like a TBAC Ultra 50 belongs on the end of that barrel
  19. godofthunder

    Need a Solution to "I'll take it"

    Something to that effect would be a large, bright colored banner across the page when PM'ing someone with ZERO feedback.