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  1. briang7511

    Do you use expanding mandrels after a full-length bushing die for neck sizing?

    Using lapua 6.5cm, 6.5x47 and hornady 6gt. Using annealeze. all brass weight sorted within 1g, using berger bullets straight from the box. 140 hybrids do not show the vertical stringing as much as the 105 hybrids in the gt and hornady brass at 1k. I appreciate the interest and wish to...
  2. briang7511

    Do you use expanding mandrels after a full-length bushing die for neck sizing?

    My performance is measured out to 1000y. My rabbit hole is trying to keep es/sd as low as that magical second firing on brass. annealing has helped a lot, but i cant quite keep the numbers as good after 4th firing and beyond, compared to 2nd firing. 2nd firing i can hold avg groups around...
  3. briang7511

    Do you use expanding mandrels after a full-length bushing die for neck sizing?

    I have tried this with the wilson mandrel after sizing. i saw no difference in range performance when using just the die. i have not tried different sizes, my dies and mandrel are .002 under bullet dia. Now I only use the mandrel with new brass.
  4. briang7511

    SOLD Aero Solus action w/standard .478 bolt face

    Patriot valley arms has a sale. I would look into them. https://www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/pva-solus-barreled-action-launch-sale.7195955/
  5. briang7511

    WTB Short action 308b/f

    check patriot valley arms. they had a deal on the solus. https://patriotvalleyarms.com/solus-barreled-action/
  6. briang7511

    SOLD 26" 223 7tw Savage prefit

    Who manufactured the barrel? round count?
  7. briang7511

    VVN 140, 150 & 540 in a 308 w/ high BC 168's and 169's

    N140 and N150 are great powders. Not known for speed, but good accuracy. I would guess the N140 would work regardless, but the n150 may need a little longer barrel to burn fully. Was going to test N140 (burnrate next to varget) here soon, i only have a 16in barrel. Varget has been the best...
  8. briang7511

    SOLD 88g ELDM 230ct $60 shipped

    $$$ SOLD Up for sale is a open bag, 230ct pcs left from 250ct bag. un used from 224v days. $60 shipped. paypal FF,zelle, usps money order.
  9. briang7511

    SOLD MPA BA Competiton side rails w/greyops weights

    still available There is a new scam going around where someone makes a fake account thats very close to the users name. Be sure to look at all the banners, date of joining, posts, thumbs up, and feedback score. DONT look at the picture and assume its the same person.
  10. briang7511

    SOLD MPA BA Competiton side rails w/greyops weights

    Up for sale is a set of MPA competition side rails with Grey ops weights that fit a BA COMP chassis. They are black in color (original mpa finish) and come with hardware to mount WITH internal weight kit, and hardware to mount WITHOUT the internal weight kit. They add a great deal of stability...
  11. briang7511

    SOLD WTS: .223 Mammoth Sniper Challenge ready Tuebor/Proof/5X5 Precision barreled action

    This is a great deal, chambered by one of the best.
  12. briang7511

    SOLD MPA BA comp chassis w/extras $775

    still available
  13. briang7511

    6.5CM.... 140 vs. 147 ELDM....

    when groups open up but sd/es is low, try adjusting seating depth to bring the groups in.
  14. briang7511

    Accessories Looking for M&P holster for TLR-1 or complete battle belt setup