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  1. LeftyJason

    Suppressors Help Me Choose My Next Can.

    To add to this. Was going to put it in a PM but I can't PM you. You seem to be acting well now. Keep it up. Below meant in a friendly manner. Just a heads up. Got a couple of threads for you to read up on to understand the Hide better. This is where a lot of people on this forum are coming...
  2. LeftyJason

    Mark a straight line in the woods?

    Cgp grey does some really good vids on all sorts of subjects. Couple of my favorites of his.
  3. LeftyJason

    Muzzle Brakes poor form at the range?

    One of these? It's a 2 port brake still. Tbac Magnus rr line.
  4. LeftyJason

    Tikka t3 help

    Euro is showing the models (jrtxc314r8 and jrtxc314r8l) as discontinued.
  5. LeftyJason

    Tikka t3 help

    Going 223 you can thread the lite to 1/2-28 no problems. 6.5 or bigger you want at least 9/16.
  6. LeftyJason

    Nylon String?

    Not sure how strong you need to go and probably more expensive but there is arborist throw line. Not sure how uv resistant some of it is. Generally made from spectra or dyneema. Can be had in 1/16". Look up Wesspur.
  7. LeftyJason

    This definitely sucks. Submarine lost.

    The Sinclair Got it from here. US west coast tour still upcoming. https://www.thelongestjohns.com/live I know nothing about the area. Haven't made it to that corner of the country. Farthest east I've been is the thousand islands when I was in preschool with my family.
  8. LeftyJason

    Question - Bartlein 400MOD Experience 18 Months After Launch

    @Milirad ... My understanding is that the best chamber cutting equipment uses sensors for cutting pressure and cutting torque in order to adjust cutting speed to achieve a high quality finish and concentricity down to a hundredth of a thou and even less.... I know you're not a machinist. Some...
  9. LeftyJason

    This definitely sucks. Submarine lost.

    If you like that type of music check out the longest johns. They do classics and even write some of their own. Going to be in Cambridge may 7th. One of their new originals I like. Another original. There's bones in the ocean for sure but no survivors like in this song.
  10. LeftyJason

    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    RIP Brandy. That is @Daddyusmaximus.
  11. LeftyJason

    Let’s argue….

    I would say 7.62x54r would give it a run for it's money especially since AK is split between 5.45 and 7.62.
  12. LeftyJason

    Let’s argue….

    Cmon man you can do better than that! Yur
  13. LeftyJason

    Let’s argue….

    @Bender thread is better.
  14. LeftyJason

    bad lot of steel and rumors

    Get to know this short.
  15. LeftyJason

    Suppressors Help Me Choose My Next Can.

    The real explanation of missing things is rolling shutter. If the event happens fast enough it happens in between frames. Even on high speed cameras if you don't have a fast enough frame you will miss what happens between frames. What I was trying to talk about is long exposures. Shutter is...
  16. LeftyJason

    Maggie’s The Wood Shop

    Pressure treating has changed over the years. Can't get the old good stuff anymore. CCA phased out in 2009.
  17. LeftyJason

    Accuracy International AT-XC

    Anshutz 1782 rifle is. That combo not as I see. https://www.anschutznorthamerica.com/store/c87/1782_Series.html Isn't that just an MDT acc premier chassis? Are they available here? @MDT_OFFICIAL @MDT_Josh Now back to the thread subject.
  18. LeftyJason

    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Yes though it half made me think of some of jmw turners.
  19. LeftyJason

    Legendary Thread Reference

    Went back looking for it. It was the magnum thread already in here as post 102. I edited that post as well.