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  1. sjeccles

    Maggie’s Yankee or Dixie

    35% Dixie. You are definitely a Yankee.
  2. sjeccles

    Tapatalk showing duplicate posts

    I can not access the site from my phone but can from my tablet both running android
  3. sjeccles

    Which .22 Semi Handgun?

    I'm a big fan of the Ruger mark ll Sent from my XT1055 using Tapatalk
  4. sjeccles

    Hunting & Fishing Concealed carry when hunting??

    I do except while bow hunting. Iowa has a law against it .
  5. sjeccles

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Well, I just made a custom holster!

    That turned out really well
  6. sjeccles

    Movie Theater Longmire

    I like it, I'm basically just watching it to see how long it takes before he starts nailing His deputy Vic . If you have read any of the books you will know what I'm talking about
  7. sjeccles

    gun safe

    I just saw a post on another site last night where a guy made is gun safe he bought at an estate sale look like a freezer by painting it white and adding a handle . Not sure what kind of safe it was because it didnt have the combination dial on the front.
  8. sjeccles

    Brownell's Pmag Backorders?

    Re: Brownell's Pmag Backorders? I know Brownells is swamped with orders. They recently added a second shift in the warehouse to try and keep up.
  9. sjeccles

    Two Officers Shot And Killed In Topeka,

    http://www.wibw.com/home/headlines/Autho...-183724341.html I always hate to hear about Police officers being killed , but this time I also lost a member of my family. Be safe out there guys!
  10. sjeccles

    Movie Theater Lawless

    Re: Lawless I liked it. Forrest was a bad ass ,survied getting his throat slit and three gunshot wounds back in the 30's is impressive. Found it much more interesting since it was based on the lives of real people.
  11. sjeccles

    Caliber Choices - Comparison and Applications

    Re: Caliber Choices - Comparison and Applications OK I like the .223 / 243 set up. What would you recommend for a .243 load? 55 grain or something heavier ? Thanks
  12. sjeccles

    Caliber Choices - Comparison and Applications

    Re: Caliber Choices - Comparison and Applications I'm hoping to go Prairie dog shooting next summer and can't make up my mind between .204 or 22-250 or maybe even a .243. every time I think I have made up my mind I read something else and change my mind again.
  13. sjeccles

    Movie Theater Walking Dead back this week

    Re: Walking Dead back this week <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Maelek</div><div class="ubbcode-body">ya..i noticed that too...turned to my wife and said...hmm...that guy is shooting without a rear sight...pretty friggin awesome shot </div></div>...
  14. sjeccles

    Movie Theater Revolution starts tonight

    Re: Revolution starts tonight Reminded my of "The Postman"
  15. sjeccles

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Milt Sparks @ Brownells

    Re: Milt Sparks @ Brownells Yep bought my Milt Sparks holster from them back in 2001 they have been handling a few of his for quite a while. Much better then waiting
  16. sjeccles

    Movie Theater The Hunter (2012)

    Re: The Hunter (2012) It was ok , I was expecting a little more action.and I'm not sure how he got all the gear he had into that backpack. But since I tossed the DVD into the ol lady's cart when she wasn't looking it wasnt my $17.95 anyway lol
  17. sjeccles

    Your first firearm?

    Re: Your first firearm? Remington model 24 that my great grandfather bought in early 1920's
  18. sjeccles

    Movie Theater Doomsday preppers.

    Re: Doomsday preppers. What I don't understand is if you are so concerned about security that you have your supplies delivered at night, why do you go on national TV and let the world know what you have?
  19. sjeccles

    Movie Theater Justified

    Re: Justified Didn't I just see where Elmore Leonard just came out with a new book about Rayon because of the success of the show ?
  20. sjeccles

    Movie Theater Walking Dead - AMC

    Re: Walking Dead - AMC It seems to have changed more into a soap opera then a zombie movie , I hope the pace picks up