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  1. nksmfamjp

    Muzzle Brakes

    Or dismantle the state of NY!
  2. nksmfamjp

    Why is my lapua 223 brass not chambering and sizing?

    I think you are heading the right direction. Everybody says they want a “match” chamber. The problem with the word is it is only a match to whatever the gunsmith and reamer manufacturer thought was good, better or best. What you want is a chamber that matches specific dies and brass or a...
  3. nksmfamjp

    Trim-It II Brass Trimmer Feedback

    I agree about the looseness. I wonder if Teflon tape could tighten things up. I may try that!
  4. nksmfamjp

    Trim-It II Brass Trimmer Feedback

    It takes more adjustment than any Trimmer i have ever used. Once adjusted, it can be too far out of balance. Once adjusted and balance is close, it is a great trimmer. The Giraud gets better publicity, but mostly because it is less flexible. In reality, they are quite similar. Once you get the...
  5. nksmfamjp

    Trim-It II Brass Trimmer Feedback

    There are always going to be people who cannot setup the Trim It 2. It‘s ok.
  6. nksmfamjp

    Gunsmithing Barrel - Cut for a different action and rechamber?

    Technically it is possible. Many folks say it turns out well….but every gunsmith I have talked to about this says it is a terrible idea. Not sure why??
  7. nksmfamjp

    GRAPHIC: Chinese urban explorer discovers abandoned military tunnels used as mass dumping site of abducted children killed after organ harvesting.

    Hmmm. Tofu is a Japanese word and delicacy. Not sure where the tofu you have was made. Likely as an American, you have not had good tofu.
  8. nksmfamjp

    My Boomstick

    Yea, that is a fighting position. It will often result in lop being way too short. I would suggest you determine your “correct“ lop and adjust to that. It will improve comfort on the rifle which will improve natural point of aim.
  9. nksmfamjp

    Why is Applied Ballistics Dominating Hornady DOF.....?

    @CaylenW , I’m going to assume what you say is true. I gathered that information from a couple podcasts where Bryan Litz, Frank and some others I trust were speaking. Maybe I remember it wrong. It has been a while and as I said, it doesn’t affect me because I’m more of a hunter which means I’m...
  10. nksmfamjp

    Why is Applied Ballistics Dominating Hornady DOF.....?

    Let me see if I can explain this logically with enough details, but without confusion! AB is a 6DOF solver….there are a max of 6 dof. It is optimized when you buy their custom drag model, but will still give G7 and G1 solutions that many folks are using. The best solutions when you pay to shoot...
  11. nksmfamjp

    Hunting/Competition Rifle Selection

    Just my 2 cents…. First, do you reload? First of all, I’m going to pull from my experience and what I hear Joseph VonBenedict say. You want to target good 1/4 mi capability in a guided hunting rig. I believe you also kind of want a bit of a 2 is 1 and 1 is none mentalaity. Last, you want to...
  12. nksmfamjp

    Trim-It II Brass Trimmer Feedback

    I use 3 case trimmers. I use the Lee for straight wall only. It‘s ok, but not great. Adjustment really sucks….actually basically not adjustable. Wilson lathe type trimmer. It really works smooth and easily with bottleneck rounds. Kind of sucks to do more than 100 or so. Trim It II. This thing...
  13. nksmfamjp

    Newb from OH

    Welcome. I’ll bet we are not far apart.
  14. nksmfamjp

    SOLD FS(NC): Tract Toric 4-20x50 FFP MRAD PRS

    Huh. I love mine. Couldn’t see letting it go for under $1150, even if I wanted the money. Good optic and good luck with your sale. i asked about hacked, not to be off topic, but new scopes over 30% off retail and payments of Zelle, Venmo, Paypal F&F are a red flag to me. I’ve seen a big hack...
  15. nksmfamjp

    SOLD FS(NC): Tract Toric 4-20x50 FFP MRAD PRS

    Are you hacked? Seriously that is hacked pricing!
  16. nksmfamjp

    Howa 1500 To keep or not to keep

    I would question it more like this…. What do you really want? Do you have the funds to do that, or is this your jumping in point? If you are jumping in, shoot it. Buy a nice optic and mount. Handload for it. Then bed a nice stock to it….maybe a B&C. Then try a tuner brake. Then trigger...
  17. nksmfamjp

    Need to replace my electronic ear muffs,

    Why not Pro Ears?
  18. nksmfamjp

    Burris XTR 3vs Tract Toric

    I’m no expert on the XTR3, but my XTR1 was just ok after a warranty repair they were reluctant about. My XTR2 was grainy at high power and closer targets. These things caused me to choose the TT 4-20x over the XTR3. The Tract has performed well on my rifle without this thick outer ring I’m...
  19. nksmfamjp

    Tikkas are better than....