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  1. CaptNemo

    Bartlein Barrels Update

    I just wanted to take this opportunity state: THIS IS NOT ME - I AM NOT THE "NEMO" IN QUESTION. I have had this screen name on various forums since the early 1990's, for reference.
  2. CaptNemo

    LH powder drop

    My old Pacific powder thrower had the capability of left or right hand lever handle but apparently at some point Hornady bought the rights to the Pacific and eliminated that feature when they brought out the "Lock & Load" series of throwers.
  3. CaptNemo

    To those who say lower cost guns aren't "accurate"..

    I know that I saw "Savage" and ceased giving a shit. I own 3 Savages now, a 12 LRP - Not threaded muzzle, a Model 11 as a hunting rifle for my daughters - Not threaded muzzle and a Savage 99 not threaded muzzle. I'd say that's 100 % of the ones I own and I wouldn't buy another Savage unless I...
  4. CaptNemo

    To those who say lower cost guns aren't "accurate"..

    Most Savages aren't threaded at the muzzle. This may be what he needs to be all conquering: https://limbsaver.com/products/sharpshooter-x-ring-barrel-dampener?variant=305984077843
  5. CaptNemo

    30-06 Recommendations

    Don't be afraid to trim off the overhang past the end of the forward ring on the action. I have trimmed off a couple for scope clearance in the past, no problems afterwards. Hacksaw and a file / dremel / belt sander / scotchbrite deburring wheel and a little flat black paint will make it all...
  6. CaptNemo

    30-06 Recommendations

    We're all built different, if that stock fits you and the optic, you're doing better than a lot of us. I need an adjustable cheek riser or build up the stock to get a consistent eye placement behind the scope. I bought a crossbow with a scope last year, and I'll have to modify the stock to...
  7. CaptNemo

    30-06 Recommendations

    Looks Good with an optic on it. Your next purchase should probably be one of these: https://triadtactical.com/triad-stock-pack/ Getting a good, consistent cheek weld with your eye behind the optic will be your next task.
  8. CaptNemo

    30-06 Recommendations

    Looks good ! What Optic & Mount are you planning on using ?
  9. CaptNemo

    Your PVA prefit experience

    You and your "Metric Money"
  10. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 Thread

    That is such a relative thing... I've been in a pair of shorts for the past 3 weeks and am prepped for the warmer weather. I hate having to wear long pants...
  11. CaptNemo

    Gunsmithing Pacific Tool & Gauge SUCKS!!!

    I read that too, and was thinking 44 TPI vs 22 TPI is a pretty significant / visible difference. Use a thread pitch gauge for final verification as to what is actually what before making chips.
  12. CaptNemo

    What do you wish someone told you when you first started in precision shooting?

    @Lowlight is who you're looking for...
  13. CaptNemo

    What do you wish someone told you when you first started in precision shooting?

    A good Scope will find a rifle... Don't be afraid to buy the best optic you can afford, it will find a home. Buy the optic with the reticle that works best for your eye and your brain.
  14. CaptNemo

    DEBATE: Weaponlights (White) on SPRs, Yes or No?

    So that the muzzle blast from the brake ports isn't pointed towards the flashlight ?
  15. CaptNemo

    MDT introduces the HNT26! A 26 Ounce Carbon Fiber Hunting Chassis.

    That piece of fuzz next to the action screw in those photos is gonna have some of our "On the Spectrum" members going berserk...
  16. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 / T3x in a Manners stock

    You may have to remove / install the Stainless Steel magazine spring on the forward trigger Allen Screw to match the Bottom Metal / Magazine combination, otherwise, two machine screws and your done.
  17. CaptNemo

    Suppressors Crooked Class 3 Dealers -- Suggestions?

    If the Form 4 hadn't been filed, you're only out the money, you're not out the wait time. If you have the scratch, go to a different FFL and start the process on a new can.
  18. CaptNemo

    ATF shuts down E-forms

    From the ATF Site: "While you may submit a paper application, you are encouraged to wait until the eForms system is back online." Sit your ass down, STFU, and either wait or wait longer
  19. CaptNemo

    Two legs that work

    Photos or it didn't happen... LOL