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  1. redirt78

    Another great addition to the TAB GEAR line of products.

    I have one of the originals and it's nice. FDAC fits nicely in the pocket. I do like the clear pocket upgrade idea also.
  2. redirt78

    Rifle Scopes Where does the SS 1-6HD fit in with the other 1-6's?

    I have the SS 1-6 on my 16" MWS and mainly use it at 1 or 6 power so I really like it. Have shot from 10ft to 600 yards so far and done really well with it. The way the reticle works is perfect for me but obviously not for everyone since one poster wanted to use it at 5 power and didn't like the...
  3. redirt78

    Rifle Scopes Help with glass for my LMT 308/6.5

    Have an SS 1-6 on my 16" and it's fun as hell out to 500-600 edit: everything closer than that is cool too
  4. redirt78

    Best (better?) caliber for a shorty build? (Short action)

    There is a huge thread on here called "16-18 inch shorty builds" or something like that
  5. redirt78

    Best (better?) caliber for a shorty build? (Short action)

    I have an 18" bolt action 700 in 308 and a buddy has a 16" 700 in 308 that we use exactly like you mention and then some
  6. redirt78

    LMT MWS 20 " chrome barrel

    Tag for the MWS info and the call out
  7. redirt78

    LMT MWS Barrels

    Recently? What calibers, what barrels did you use and how have they done for you?
  8. redirt78

    Moving POI barrel getting faster?

    Good advice, I tried to play with all the numbers while it was both my first attempt at using a ballistic calculator and first few times out at long distance. Get a good solid zero then go by what the bullet is telling you, make note of it then later on you can play with the computers on the...
  9. redirt78

    Lowlight needs a new uesr name

    It's a toss up between that and ^ Fleshlight... Had to be the first one to say it
  10. redirt78

    Told this at the UPS hub

    Posting on the WWW that you knowingly ship what you call "assault weapons" against regulations... Yeah buddy
  11. redirt78

    New product reveal pending, are you in?

    Kasey or LawnMM, should I have received any kind of confirmation reply to my email where I gave my SH name, real name, address, phone number etc? Also, like one other member asked, is there a real life picture of this SILO YetiSquatch yet?
  12. redirt78

    Seekins Precisions new 308 Taking orders now!

    Good to see the countdown to some of these shipping out is drawing near. Might have to let the ol MWS go...
  13. redirt78

    8" vs 12" barrel for a dedicated subonic and suppressed 300 Blackout. Teach me

    I'm building something similar that will be for NV hunting, hogs and coyotes and short range deer out of some of my bow stand setups. I have the barrel and lower, Noveske 10.5" SS and my Mag Tac lower is waiting at my buddies place. Probably going with a short KMR from BCM. Wouldn't mind having...
  14. redirt78

    I Love Cops.

    Have three great friends in law enforcement myself and I agree with what you say. All three are good guys and put up with a lot of shit and deal with the bottom of the barrel daily. You never know what might happen. Don't know if I could show the restraint they do sometimes myself.
  15. redirt78

    New product reveal pending, are you in?

    Preciate it guys
  16. redirt78

    Rifle Scopes Another LRHS version from Bushnell 4.5x-18x, MOA too!

    Dammit man, don't know where I'll find funds for this one. Might have to move a DMR, still have an ERS if I do. A good bit lighter than the DMR but still has the G2 style reticle and only a little less mag. Does it tunnel at the high end of the magnification? If so then at what power? Just...
  17. redirt78

    New product reveal pending, are you in?

    Probably going to need one of those too ^ Put me on the "discount price for pre commitment" list for that one too hah
  18. redirt78

    I had this really recognizable tiger striped gun stolen. Can you watch for it?

    Congratulations on having this one come back to you. I had a similar situation some years back and it lead to the rest of our stolen gear, I hope this does the same.
  19. redirt78

    New product reveal pending, are you in?

    Yep, glad I was in on it. Look forward to trying it out. It ought to sit in the shooting sticks or in the pig saddle nicely while hog and coyote hunting, and good out of the ladder and tower stands. Should work great for competition shooting like you said also.