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    SOLD WTS Current model Barrett MRAD Rifle (Not SMR) - Updated

    Please advise if the rifle sale falls through.
  2. C


    Do you have the original stock for the TRG?
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    Left Hand Sale WTB Accuracy International AI AXSR Left Hand

    Saw a LH AI on GB but can’t remember which it is…..price is around $6K iirc
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    Accessories MDT XRS Tikka T1x

    Is that a built-in ARCA rail on the bottom? I can't tell from the pictures but will check more online. thanks,
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    Sako S20

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but thinking of buying a S20 in 7mm Rem Mag for hunting. Any long (ish) term reports?
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    SOLD Sell me your ruger ranch 300blk

    Think I saw one on ARfcom EE.
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    Optics LaRue LT111-34 OBR Mount

    I'll take one
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    SOLD Schmidt and Bender 5-25 GRID Reticle / Spuhr Pakage

    If you find a buyer for the scope, I might be interested in the mount.
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    Optic mount recommendations for S&B 5-25

    Bought a NF mount and while it is 34MM as needed, the optic doesn’t fit height-wise. Ideally, I’d like something easily removed and reinstalled as I plan to also use thermal on this rifle; an AIAT.
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    Accessories Accu-tac SR-5 G2 Bipod w/Arca

    Done. Unsure how the guy got my phone number.
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    Accessories Accu-tac SR-5 G2 Bipod w/Arca

    I received a PM from the scammer….(he has a period at the end of his username) and texts.
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    Reloading Equipment Powder for sale/ trade: NW Arkansas / SW MO

    I don’t reload but glad to see NWA represented!
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    SOLD SAC 300WM

    If something changes, please advise. Thanks
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    AI for a Lefty shooter?

    I reached out to AI; they told me a LH version of the AT-X is coming out in 2024 but wouldn’t commit to a timeframe. My plan now is to sit down and thing this through a bit and either wait, buy a LH rifle either custom or a Tikka, or roll the dice on a RH AI rifle and see how it feels. Worst...
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    AI for a Lefty shooter?

    Thank you. I’m left-eye dominant and have exclusively used RH weapons my entire life including the Army. So, I’ve zero experience with a LH rifle it have had no issue with using RH so just assumed I’d be good to go. It then occurred to me that with a platform such as this, it might better serve...
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    AI for a Lefty shooter?

    Thanks. I’ve read a lot of threads but didn’t think of that!
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    AI for a Lefty shooter?

    Hi, Looking at AT and AX models and it occurred to me I should ask about shooting them Lefty. I’ve never had issue with RH semi or bolt actions but have never even held an AI. Is it necessary for me to find a LH model? Will a LH thumbrest go on a RH rifle?
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    Thoughts on this please

    Honestly, no clue. I got into KAC and am out of the PWS stuff but continue to get emails from them and posts on FB, Reddit, etc. which I largely ignore.