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Search results

  1. armorpl8chikn

    Regular Church goer, studying for the seminary,

    Was that the "Paradox War"?
  2. armorpl8chikn

    Evolution May Be Purposeful And It’s Freaking Scientists Out

    TL DR Lemme sum up. Scientists have dug so deep, that they've inadvertently proven the thing they hate. The Truth. That.... Only God could have created this.
  3. armorpl8chikn

    I have no words….

    I rescue a dog when I can. Unfortunately....you can't rescue all of them. A properly placed bullet is just as humane as a vets needle. Its a hit piece. You don't believe a damn thing the MSM says...until your emotions get triggered. Again....you can't rescue them all. Rural areas don't often...
  4. armorpl8chikn

    I remember my kin talking about a white Buff

    Its amazing how folks pay attention to anything except proven prophecy..... There's a book....
  5. armorpl8chikn

    Woman killed by yorkie

    I'm old enough to remember Chow being the number one, then Doberman, Rottweiler, then Pit derivatives. A German Shepard has been on the list too. Asshole owners are just like asshole parents. The dog is what you make him. A chihuahua is bar none the epitome of "white hot ball of canine terror"
  6. armorpl8chikn

    Woman killed by yorkie

    Did you know 97% of all statistics are made up, on the spot......by some internet cunt.
  7. armorpl8chikn

    Dog breed poll

    Boxer and two mountain curs
  8. armorpl8chikn

    What are all the billionaires gonna do….

    Learn to cook and clean.
  9. armorpl8chikn

    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Yeah ok....maybe I sound like a certain Loony rooster named Leghorn. But....I've met @Lawless Here he is feuding with some of his yankee neighbors:
  10. armorpl8chikn

    Learn to feed yourself!

    I've shot my own dog, trying to kill sheep. Had a similar situation when I was in my teens. Two akitas had already got in the pasture and killed my Lincoln ewe and 3 spring lambs. They literally consumed 2 of the spring lambs, and were resting over the carcasses when I got home from school. A...
  11. armorpl8chikn

    Learn to feed yourself!

    I'm actually thinking about aeroponics instead of raised beds. My soil has bigger problems than just deficiencies. I'm gonna move my punkins to the garden this year and see if there's anything wrong with it. The punkin spot is top notch, but the soil won't hold moisture. Garden: Punkin plot...
  12. armorpl8chikn

    Learn to feed yourself!

    Then,.....you know your first order of business when shtf.
  13. armorpl8chikn

    Maggie’s Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Nah.....no resemblance at all.......
  14. armorpl8chikn

    OK No B/S Question

    If we are taking bets ill put a sawbuck on not renewed.
  15. armorpl8chikn

    Learn to feed yourself!

    I was thinking about this "subject" just a few days ago. I'm having moderate to severe trouble with my garden. The soil is an old played out farm. I've done a lot of stuff to build my soil. It raises weeds very nicely. If I can maintain a supply of pesticide, I could subsist on winter squarsh. I...
  16. armorpl8chikn

    Of the following, what type do you identify with/as the most?

    7. William Foster/Hannibal Lecter Extra points if you know immediately who William Foster is.