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    Gunsmithing Bolt Sticking Problem

    Re: Bolt Sticking Problem After checking everything you guys told me and nothing seemed to be wrong I just started a process of elmination. Luckly The first thing i tried worked. I took out my new callahan Firing pin assembley any put the factory J-Lock assembly back in. This seemed to fix...
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    Gunsmithing Chamber problem?

    Re: Chamber problem? Did you call Pac-Nor yet? Casey Can probley tell you the problem and if it is our fault then we will fix it.
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    Gunsmithing Bolt Sticking Problem

    Re: Bolt Sticking Problem I have a match chamber so im guessing that might be the problem. Is there any way to fix this or am i just stuck with what i got.
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    Gunsmithing Bolt Sticking Problem

    Re: Bolt Sticking Problem Thease are my own handloads but ive even tryed downloading them below what all the reloading books say. Its not stiff when lifting the bolt handle till you get to the very top.
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    Gunsmithing Bolt Sticking Problem

    Just finished my Remmy 700 build the other day and Took it out shooting. After Fireing a round the bolt will stick at the very top when opening. At first I thought it could be the Sako extractor but i did some work on that and it didnt seem to help. Ive used several diffrent loads with it ( By...
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    US 869 For 338 LM

    Just got ahold of eight pounds of US 869 powder for my 338LM. Wondering if anyone has used this powder. Anyone have any good loads for 250 bullets.
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    Rifle Scopes Nightforce Reticles

    I was looking into buying a nightforce 5.5-22-56 NXS for my .338 LM. Which reticle would be the best for long range shooting. The NP-R1 reticle looked good but ive never owened a NF. Any suggestions??
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    Gunsmithing H-S Stock

    Just ordered a new H-S stock for my remmy. I tryed calling them a few times to get the diminsons of the barrel Cannel, Shank ect. but its almost impossible to get ahold of them with my work hours. Anyone have any diminsons of thease Stocks.
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    Bullet Seating Trouble

    Re: Bullet Seating Trouble Little bit of sanding did the trick. Thanks For the help
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    Bullet Seating Trouble

    Re: Bullet Seating Trouble Ya the marks are just cosmedic and they dont dig into the bullet. Now i am having a problem with Barnes X 250 gn Bullets getting stuck in the seater die.
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    Bullet Seating Trouble

    Just got my RCBS 338 Lapua dies in yesterday. I went to seat a bullet and it left a ring towards the top of the bullet. I tryed adjusting it every witch way and it still leaves a ring. Anyone know What is wrong with the dies or am i just not doing something right
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    Rifle Scopes Burris 6-24 Xtreme Tactical Riflescope

    Has Anyone used the Burris XTR Rifle Scopes. I want to put one on my .338 but was wondering how good they were. Thanks
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    Powder For 338 Lapua

    Could anyone recomend a good powder for 338 Lapua with 250 gn bullets. Maybe some load data too. Thanks
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    Gunsmithing Hand lapping factory bore

    Re: Hand lapping factory bore You can lead lap the barrel but not a good idea with the action on. I work for Pac-Nor and we sometimes lap chambered barrels but you have to be careful not to scrach the chamber. Personaly I wouldnt even try Laping a barrel that is full of reamer marks aint...
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    Gunsmithing Pac-Nor Supermatch?

    Re: Pac-Nor Supermatch? Better Order You barrels Befor hunting Season. Ive worked for Pac-Nor for a few years now and It gets pretty busy around this time of year.
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    Gunsmithing Twist Rate For .338 Lapua

    Anyone know what the best twist rate for a .338 Lapua with 300 grn. bullets is.
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    Gunsmithing Converting Rem. 700 Long Action To .338 Lapua

    I have a Rem. 700 long action that was originaly a .270 Win. I have been looking into making it into a .338 LM but am having a little trouble in finding what exactly I need to Modify on the reciver. Is there any company that dose this type of work. Thanks