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  1. BasraBoy

    Unertl Scope Manual

    Found this....hope it may help some of you guys with these old scopes: ...
  2. BasraBoy

    New to Me Vintage 03

    Good to hear! Hope the purists don't kick off about partial bedding!! ;)
  3. BasraBoy

    New to Me Vintage 03

    I guess the good news is that if it is a "legacy" issue then, provided it is fixable and the action is torqued down with the correct screws, all should be good :) Do try to look out Frank's post as he seemed to have a good way of doing near invisible fixes.
  4. BasraBoy

    New to Me Vintage 03

    Sorry to see the old girl cracked her butt! Just a thought but a similar thing happened to a mate Paul's 1903A4. Turned out that someone had fitted a Krag action screw at some point in the past and it was barely holding on by one thread. When the rifle fired it didn't hold under recoil...
  5. BasraBoy

    New to Me Vintage 03

    Congrats! Nice rifles and start of a great project. Keep us posted!!
  6. BasraBoy

    100 Years ago today

    My wife is currently on her first ever trip to the Somme with her colleagues from Brize Norton. It wil be interesting to see how she finds the experience. I had two WW1 vets in the family as I grew up: My maternal grandfather, William Leonard Ford - fought on the Western Front, was also...
  7. BasraBoy

    What's your favorite WW2 and older bolt rifle and why?

    For me the Enfield - fantastic, slick action. Very fast. Detachable ten round mag. Relaible, Accurate. And .303 is a round that is comfortable to shoot for long periods of time. Next up - Mausers, very solid and dependable and accurate - only downside can be the trigger. If you get it...
  8. BasraBoy

    Where the heck did all the No32 enfield scopes go?

    They are like finding hen's teeth..... I found mine after trawling the web looking at any UK dealer of firearms parts/mil surplus/Enfield paraphenalia for weeks..that was about three years ago. Strangely, they could also be found relatively cheaply and in various states of disrepair on...
  9. BasraBoy

    Question about Unertl Scope

    :) Now that would be interesting.......hope he can do it!!
  10. BasraBoy

    Question about Unertl Scope

    pmclaine - if you need anything other than the 1/4 MOA clicks, I posted a list I got from the Unertl user group on the 1903A1 thread I ran a while back. It has a number of different spacing for different click values.
  11. BasraBoy

    Question about Unertl Scope

    Congrats! I've bought a couple of rifles from Ed at Miltech and always been very happy with the service and products. I'm lucky enough to have a contract x8 on my replica. It's a great old scope but I'd see no advantage in swapping yours out unless it was to qualify for certain comps. As...
  12. BasraBoy

    L42A1 Scope Help

    What you need is an IWS...like this: Much as I hate to say it....try "that auction site"...I've seen NI/Falklands era NV scopes on there from time to time. The other place I would try would be Brian Dick or posting on milsurps.com A search on the various Enfield specialist sites may...
  13. BasraBoy

    #4 T repro on the way back, 91/30 PEM on the way

    Just to confirm what Bountyhunter said - A lot of the repro pads out there seem to have taken measurements from pads already fitted to original rifles. When the No4T's were originally converted all pads were fitted by hand individually to the already prepped receiver wallensure correct...
  14. BasraBoy

    Any advantages to a M1907 sling over a bipod on a modern bolt action rifle?

    Agree with much of what is said here..great support if fitted/used properly but can get uncomfortable. Is a sling "better" than a bipod? To me it's horses for courses..some applications may better suit one than the other and give a degree of greater flexibility. Personal preference...
  15. BasraBoy

    Is anyone else worried?

    We live in a world where the quick and easy fix is the norm...as someone says above, don't bother learning how something works, just call in someone who already knows....or better still download the app! Anything that takes time to learn, practice and master is incompatible with this...
  16. BasraBoy

    The #14 or Huns Head target.

    ......it is a labour intensive course of fire. And it is not just live butts that you need......but markers who understand the time limits and can stay awake/concentrate long enough to make the shoot flow well. Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge for the dazed teenagers down at Bisley :D...
  17. BasraBoy

    SOV PE scope repros?

    Brian, PM inbound.
  18. BasraBoy

    Do you worry about lost fundamentals?

    Kraig, I don't disagree - I probably wasn't clear in my use of the phrase "could be interpreted". Maybe I should have said "misinterpreted"? Either way......any loss of focus on fundamentals in any form of firearms training(civilian, LE or mil) is to be decried
  19. BasraBoy

    The #14 or Huns Head target.

    Nothing like shooting the McQueen!! It's a VERY addictive discipline with both modern and vintage rifles!! 2 sighters and 10 to count. But not great with rifles without a 10 round box mag! A great way to burn up ammo though..... :) Would be great if you can get some targets printed...
  20. BasraBoy

    SOV PE scope repros?

    I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on a Ukrainian repro to replace my knackered original if it can't be fixed! FWIW +1 on staying away from the China repros - they always seem a bit "hit and miss" on quality and reliability (pardon the pun)