1. M

    1000 Yard Setup

    I want to get into 1000 yard shooting. I would like to see if you had any ideas on rifles? I like the idea if a .308 or a .300 Win Mag. I reload already but not for either of these cartridges. Not a fan of Remington Rifles. I prefer detachable box magazines. I would like the barrel threaded...
  2. cybersniper

    Rifle Scopes help with NIGHFORCE NP-1RR reticle for 1000yard F

    I am very interested in first hand experiences with the NP-1RR reticle for 1000 yard ( and 800-900 too) FT/R competition. What are the Subtensions? how do you actually see ("feel") the V-bull with the dots on the sides? Does it help you with heavy winds? I find the concept interesting...