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  1. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment WTT LRP CCI 200 primers

    Looking for these below Berger 105 Berger 109 Hornady 105 Nosler 105
  2. unoigo

    SOLD Federal Gold 6mm CM Berger 105g Hybrid OTM

    4 boxes, 80 rds total. my rifle liked the Hornady better. $125 tyd PP FF or you cover fees. Thanks
  3. glock24

    243 Winchester, 105g A-Max, and H4831SC?

    Anybody running this? I'm looking for a good starting powder for a 243 Winchester and the 105 grain A-max out of a 28 x 1/8" Walther. I'd like to stick with Hodgdon Extreme powders (temp insensitivity) unless someone has a compelling reason not to. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks