1. optrixs

    Hunting & Fishing 11-87 Help please

    Hi: I have a 11-87 Premier 12 GA.It came to me with the bolt locked open:((.Also the place where the shells are loaded looks a bit tiny bent ((I can't get the bolt to go foward.With the bolt stuck can I still take out the trigger group? to get the bolt to go forward?.I need to get this gun...
  2. S

    Suppressors Pump or Semi- 870, 11-87 (1100)

    Looking to get back into the game after a long haiatus and am seeking another shotty. Possibly 3-gun games but definately for transitional training and home room broom. 870's are kind of a no brainer, but yet the 11-87 or 1100 "tacticools" have piqued my interest. Like the gas guns, but not...