1. Brians708

    7mm-08, 120's vs 150's to 1000?

    Intro: Cal= 7-08, I have shot my pet load with 120gr NOS BT for years and love the performance. In the past I have messed with a 150 smk and it was ok. Now I want to take it (the gun) past 600 and out to 1000 (the 120’s shot 4” at 600). So I thought I must need the 150smk or similar and that the...
  2. P

    Gunsmithing DD 12.0 on DPMS SASS?

    Got a possible good deal on this rail, but need to know if it will fit a DPMS SASS 308?
  3. Mike

    260 load for the 120's or 123's only

    I'm looking to get your load information for the .260 shooting only the lighter bullets, i.e. the 120 A-Max. 123 Scenar, 120 or 123 Sierra's. Powder, charges, and velocities would be appreciated. I've got tons of info for the heavies so please do not include the heavier bullets. Thanks