1. The4GunGuy

    Ammo SOLD SOLD SOLD: 147 ELD-Match Bullets For Sale - 970 bullets

    Changing calibers so selling my 6.5mm 147gr ELD-Match bullets. 970 total bullets ALL FROM THE SAME LOT. Selling for $0.38/bullet SHIPPED FOR A total of $370.00. PayPal Friend and Family only please. Only shipping to lower 48 states. Image shows 9 boxes of unopened 100 count, but I'm adding...
  2. freedomfighter1985

    SOLD 720 rounds 6.5 creedmoor Hornady 147 gr eld match

    I am selling 720 rounds of 6.5 creedmoor Hornady eld match 147 gr ammo. I am switching over to 6x47 and am Selling some excess. This ammo was recently received with the same Lot numbers. Looking for 2000 for it all plus shipping PayPal friends and family
  3. 4

    SOLD 308 Ammo 147gr FMJ

    168 rounds of factory Winchester 308 ammunition. 147gr FMJ. 8 unopened boxes, one partial box of 8, and one empty box just to make shipping it easier. Not trying to rip anyone off, my gun did not shoot it well enough so just trying to get my money back out of it. $195 plus $25 for UPS shipping.
  4. J

    Reloading Equipment Sold: 500 Hornady 6.5mm 147gr ELD-M

    Sold: 500 Hornady 6.5mm 147gr ELD-Match bullets. $225 shipped
  5. E

    24’’ Tikka Tac A1 + IMR4451 + 147 ELDM + CCI450

    Hello, Looking for guidance for the above in Lapua SR brass. Also looking to pick up some RL16 & 26, although heard good things about the IMR Enduron range. Thanks!
  6. 762Fundi

    Range Report Ballistic Table for South African R1M1 147gr 7.62

    Does anyone know where I can find a ballistic table for the South African R1M1 147gr 7.62??? The last I chrono'd I believe it was at 2760 fps. Thanks